Open studiya.Yuvenalny terror (aired on 2012.10.01)

Four children taken away from Russia's Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya living in the Finnish city of Vantaa. Social worker mother in Finland suspected child abuse. Over recent years, Finland has been removed from families almost 20,000 children. Do I need to enter Russia juvenile justice, and to protect children from their parents?

Lukashenko video interview The Washington Post 28.02.2011

Vedagor — How to Destroy Us

U.S. ordered Russia to pay a daily fine of 50 thousand dollars a day for the Jewish Hasidim rarities

50 thousand dollars a day — a fine imposed on the power of the U.S. Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The penalty will apply as long as the Hasidim do not return a collection of their spiritual leader.

Photo: RIA NovostiValery Melnikov

The District Court in Washington ruled that the Government of Russia should pay Jewish Chassidic movement "Chabad Lubavitch" fine. It turns out 50,000 dollars daily until Moscow returns Hasidim "Schneerson Collection", ITAR-TASS reported.

The penalty imposed Judge Royce Lamberth, with a lawyer representing the U.S. government actively discouraged it. Joel Makelveyn stated that the imposition

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Stribog, Yarylo, ministering spirits


Killed Svetlana Levashov

Svetlana is dedicated to the memory Words of love you do not say, No more than your heart beats. In your eyes so Bole not look within, And you will not see his reflection.

Enemies detonated inside the heart And the blood through the body Bole not flow. And life is a drop of you In a bottomless cold too aspire.

You were the light for me And this light warmed the soul. And once it became empty without you And darkness shrouded in black cloth.

The enemies were unable to survive, What do you as a warrior to

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Military Secret (Ether 10/09/2012)

— Revolution through the network: Rise of the bloggers. — Future Weapons: Avatars instead of soldiers. — New British Royal Navy destroyer. — Mysteries of History: Scientists have found a lost treasure. — 1812 history is not forgotten war. — Game Gods: Forbidden Archaeology. — GSH18 gun made in Russia. — Muay Thai: Secrets of a unique style.

Funeral rite churom

This ceremony is held in the case of the wise men of defilement Chura, if it is severely damaged and can not be restored — badly burned, shall be cut or sawed. Also in some other cases, where mind you, for whatever reason became worthless. If the damage can be removed, then remove them, and this ritual is not carried out. Part of this rite Orthodoxy borrowed against decayed or burned icons. Very rare cases — a lightning strike. Such damages (even strong) is not fixed, but are treated as a special blessing of the gods (especially

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Heart — the body of the superconscious

Hindus worshiped for thousands of years as the heart of the monastery of the soul. English physician William Harvey, who discovered krugohozhdenie blood, compared with heart, "the sun of the microcosm, just as the sun can be called the heart of the world."

However, with the development of scientific knowledge, European scientists have taken the Italian naturalist view Borelln, likened the work of the heart "pump soulless." Anatomist Bernoulli in Russia and the French physician Poiseuille in experiments with animal blood in glass tubes, brought the laws of hydrodynamics and therefore have every right to the action and carried them

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As the Mongol-Tatars conquered Russia

The historiography of the Mongol-Tatar invasion (or the Mongols, or Tatars and Mongols, and so on, as you like) to Russia has more than 300 years. This invasion has become an accepted fact that since the end of the XVII century, when one of the founders of the Russian Orthodox Church, the German Innocent Giselle wrote the first textbook on the history of Russia — "Summary." In this book the history of his native Russian digging all the subsequent 150 years. But so far none of the historians have taken the liberty to make a "road map" campaign Batu

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