Inconvenient truth of history

A few years ago I happened to watch a documentary film compilation of Sklyarov "Forbidden History". A little later — the film EF Däniken "In the wake of all-powerful." Being a lover of astronomy, anthropology, and just — curious since childhood, I was struck by the glaring disparity paleocontacts facts and opinion of mainstream science about those facts.

I am a geek. Metal to distinguish smell. Teased "crazy handles" … I can make it! In any case, I think. Great-great-grandfather was famous for this — apparently passed on by genes. I immediately appreciated the technical level of those

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Mother tongue

"In one of the most ancient Slavic-Russian morphemes, according to a number of original thinkers, hidden doyazycheskogo archaic name of Deity. His name was once (Ras). There is no doubt that the "time" ("race") — one of the commonly used morphemes. She somehow present in more than 350 words of the Russian language. And about 3000 words contain it in modified form. Even more striking semantic capacity and polisemantichnost word "time." "Unit", "start counting", "timestamp moment" — the values of "time" known. Morpheme but "one" ("race") is still in the smysloznachimyh such concepts as "mind", "difference", "separation", "grow", "plant", etc.

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Falsification Mongol yoke

Classical, that is recognized by modern science version of "Mongol invasion of Russia", "Mongol yoke" and "liberation from the tyranny of the Horde" is quite unknown, but it is useful to again refresh her memory. So …

At the beginning of the XIII century in the Mongolian steppe bold and energetic fucking tribal leader named Genghis Khan amassed a huge army of nomads, welded iron discipline, and set out to conquer the world, "to the last of the sea." Having won the nearest neighbors, and then capturing the China, the mighty Mongol-Tatar hordes rolled westward. After about five

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Jews are preparing to move to Russia and Ukraine

Jewish refugees will have nowhere to go in case of attack by the United Arab Front. Consequently, Tel Aviv once again drew attention to the originally called by them the old Khazar Jewish land that is now the Russian Federation.

On the Volga launched underwater expedition "Great Rivers of Russia." Divers from different regions of the bottom of the foot examined Zhiguli Mountains. And look for the answers to many historical riddles. For example, there is a hypothesis that in those places were water trade routes. A vintage vehicles and their contents holds able to tell a

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International festival of arts Slavonic opened near Grodno

News of Belarus. Battles with braids, fist fights and battles with clubs. Near Grodno opened the International Festival of Slavic martial arts. Military traditions of our ancestors guests of the festival showed dozens of historical clubs from Belarus and Ukraine.

All the battles here with historical accuracy repeated battles of ancient Slavs. Whether it's a hand-to-hand fighting with swords or tournament. Grodno to introduce the technique of fighting our ancestors, to the town of Neman came dozens of historical clubs from Belarus and Ukraine.

Vladimir Adamov, head of the club Slavic martial arts:

Historical direction, as we

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Disturbed mummy princess Kadyn for twenty years is a PE

Princess Kadyn

According to the Altai shamans disturbed mummy "princess Kadyn" for twenty years is a state of emergency, civil unrest and natural disasters. Princess Kadyn — the legendary ancestor of the Altai naroda.Plato Ukok — the most beautiful and mysterious place Altai mountains. It has long attracted the attention of archaeologists, who were looking for parking there Scythian, burial and stone altars nomadic civilization. And the summer of 1993 specialists of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences began excavation of the mound, which is located in the

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Fire Arkaim

Arkaim — a fortified settlement of the Bronze Age (Chelyabinsk region). Located in the southern Ural steppes, 8.2 km to the north-north-west section of the Amur and 2.3 km south-southeast of n Alexander, in the Chelyabinsk region.

Opened in 1987 by a group of scientists led by the Chelyabinsk Gennady Zdanovich. Since 1991 was declared a protected area and is included in the Ilmen Reserve. Background to the opening of the monument has been associated with conservation activities in the area under construction.

Bolshek araganskogo hydropower. Several groups (SG Botalova, SA Grigoryev, GB Zdanovich, VS Mosin

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100 facts and fables about Belarus 1 part

In Kamenets (district center 39 km north of Brest), preserved to this day the defense watchtower known as the White Tower. Photo:

As part of a kind of flash mob under the slogan "100 facts about my country. Tell us about the country in which you live the way you see it. Here's how I see my country, I, Minsker, sometimes I stop within 500 miles of your favorite couch.

1. Watchtower "White Tower" (of which I have already described and shown) in the Belarusian town of Kamenetz, which is the border of the nature reserve of

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What you need to know the history of his family

In the last decade to the genealogy drawn more and more people. This interest is literally massive. In different cities are pedigrees societies and associations. Genealogy by scientists and children. Organizing scientific symposia, conferences, and seminars. Why do we study the history of his race? — B To learn and not repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. After all, in life all over again … To be proud of the glory of their ancestors. Not to think that we were here, and we are the best, but not to us what was not. To better know yourself. Here are the

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United States — is the drug mafia world

Drugs — it is a very big criminal business, manage and protect highly influential people working in the largest banking organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, members of government, heads of major corporations …

CIA, Wall Street and heroin

Why NATO forces are senseless war in Afghanistan?

Author — Daniel Estulin

According to recent opinion polls, Canadians are beginning to be disappointed in the actions of his country in Afghanistan. The Canadian government seems firmly entrenched in the idea that Canada — a campaigner for the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the establishment of democracy in that troubled country on

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