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Manipulation: The infusion of false memory


Sometimes, watching TV, we wonder: does anyone believe this nonsense? Alas, they believe. Virtually every invention finds some part of the audience uncritically receptive all she inspired.

But it seems that the situation is even worse: it turns out human memory is arranged in such a way that it can be made even distorted information that the person knows himself, in person, and he will be unable to distinguish the real from the fictitious incident.

The first experiments on the implantation of false memory held in the 90's of last century, Elizabeth Loftus. She handed

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How to live in their own culture?

Slavic culture is a creation of the national health beautiful family tree — Slavic people, where ancestors, descendants, and we one, where the generic name is the branch of the tree-people, which is one of the highest principles of Slavic culture — honoring the Gods (ancestors) and ancestors of the people and education of children in the creation of a healthy family tree-people.

Branch, living on other people's rules, sick, dry up and disappear.

High Slavic culture of the people means not aggressive, so with the principle — to live in harmony with nature, that is, with it,

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German view of the past Rusov

It is no secret that in Germany after World War II dramatically increased interest in the Slavic country's past. Have been actively carried out excavations, museums created, printed books … In general the history of the modern burger is not hidden. But here it is presented …. uh …. very peculiar way. Illustrations for the book about the Slavs often, to say the maloadekvatny. If any of the Slavs did not know how to look their ancestors, the meet, here they are — ragged, dirty, not the Mongolians, not even at all petikantropy sitting on the ground at his poluobvalivshihsya

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Arias went to Asia, Russ — remained in Eastern Europe

Why the name Russ always trying to determine the name of the Aryans or through or via the name of the Slavs, or — even worse, after some awkward rowers with a hypothetical (that is, in reality, not detected) Norse prototype and unknown departure address? Why is it so difficult to admit the obvious: Russ — the ancient name of an independent, carriers who were contemporaries of the Aryans and the older "krovniki" Slavs? Why did the ancient name of the carrier not named Russ just old Russian, and called, for example, Iranian or Eastern Slavic, although

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Specialist: Most elements of national Belarusian costume symbolic

Women from the village of Barantsev Zhabinka district in traditional costumes. Expedition of 1998. Photo by M. Vinnikova.

TUT.BY to discuss features of the national Belarusian costume. As for centuries that same suit develop? What items of clothing Belarusians have come and gone over time? Was it possible to call our ancestors fashionable and stylish? What is special ornament on the clothing, but what is the symbolism of the flowers? How to wear our ancestors guarded from evil spirits?

This was not just in the air TUT.BY told Maria Vinnikov, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Department of Ancient

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Cultural archeology Merya Myth

Mailman mam. Mother of the Universe. Andrew Meryanin.

Myth as a cultural phenomenon is mysterious and enigmatic. On the one hand, it projects the archaic foundations of human culture, as its primary source, but on the other — it is addressed to the fact that we define ourselves in ourselves as a beginning. Without this, the beginning of modern man living in the era of information technology and postindustrial landscape, experiencing a sense of inner discomfort. Urbanized life makes a person feel emotions that affect the mystery of its origin and existence. Appeal to non-technological forms of culture,

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About patchwork sling, in which children were

One of the most ancient images of patchwork sling, in which children were relates to I millennium BC It was found in the tomb Montuemhata, high priest of the god Amun, in western Thebes, along with other images of women living at the time. I must say that at the time (~ 720g. BC) in Egypt women's rights — the daughter of Pharaoh, "the wife of God."

Subsequent references to the sling is at the beginning of the XIII century — the threshold of the Renaissance. The frescoes in the Arena Chapel del Padua (1304-1306) Florentine painter and

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Tablets of pre-Christian Russia

Slavs — is the oldest, the large family of nations, which is proud of its history. Unfortunately, modern Slavs, the Russian people have very little knowledge of how their ancestors lived in the pre-Christian epic times. Information about the life of the Slavs in ancient times almost not taught in schools, and even in the history departments paid not much time.

Very few people from the Russian people know how their ancestors saw the world, what they believed. Therefore, for our people is of great cultural significance famous "Veles book" (another name — Vlesova book, the Book of Veles, Vles

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Celtic Druid

Magi — Old Slavic Vedic priests, a special class of people, who enjoyed great influence in antiquity. These were the wise men, whose strength lies in knowing their secrets, passed down from generation to generation, requiring long-term special exercise and therefore not available to ordinary people. Therefore, the community of the Magi was the ancient peoples kind of "all the then Academy of Sciences", including the science of managing people. The Slavic word "magi" (Other writing "Volsvy") Has a value of "priests of Veles", the most revered god of the Slavs livestock. Celtic equivalent of the

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Altai Princess returned home

Leaders of the Siberian Branch of RAS ready to give the mummy, discovered on the plateau Ukok, so-called "Altai Princess" in the Altai Republic, once the room is ready for storage. The reconstruction of the National Museum of Altai is the means of "Gazprom", reports "Interfax".

"We have made a strategic decision to return to the Republic of the mummy. But the implementation of this solution depends on the willingness of erected for this purpose the building and its equipment, which must ensure the preservation of the mummies of both cultural and biological object "- leads the Public Relations Center

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