Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people!

Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people! Our descendants, sources Ingle (Divine Wisdom Zhiznerodyaschego Sacred Fire) is transmitted by word and creates connection with ancestors like the equator of the Earth Reveal (in this case the so-called Earth), uniting the North and South Poles. The relationship between the world and the world of the ancestors of the Earth stated Conscience aces (children) like the Earth's equator separates the positive and negative pole of Midgard. (The ancient and the present name of our Earth means "Heartland")

Downward Heavenly Wisdom is like a river of life and has the keys

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The X-Files. Under the sign of water. What killed Gaddafi

What killed Gaddafi? 8th Wonder of the World! The most ambitious project of the century!


U.S. will return to Peru thousands of artifacts taken from the country 100 years ago

Machu Picchu

Leaders at Yale University in the U.S. has promised to return to Peru thousands of artifacts taken out about 100 years ago from the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Lasted about seven years, the dispute between the U.S. and Peru's Inca relics dating from the XV century.

According to the Peruvian government, these artifacts were taken in 1911, but has not been returned. As a result, in 2008, the Peruvian government has filed a lawsuit against Yale University. Later, the President of Peru, Alan Garcia, the government conducted a series of actions demanding the return

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Nibiru — RELOCATION earthlings


Vladimir Shemshuk — Battle for Earth




Preacher from the U.S. has announced that the world will end May 21, 2011 at 18:00 U.S. West Coast time (about 6:00 MSK). This 89-year-old Harold Camping of California Oakland told the radio station Family Radio Network, broadcasting to the entire territory of the United States.

Camping claims that the specified day mankind will see the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Bible prophecy, immediately after this will Judgement. The conviction of a preacher,

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Proved an incredible effect of meditation

Just two months conscious and correct practice regular meditation completely rebuilding the human brain. And this is not just a figure of speech — parts of the brain actually changes.

This conclusion was a sensational team of scientists from Harvard Medical School. Material to the results of the study were published in a special edition of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging. The experiment was conducted on 16 volunteer subjects who participated in the 8-week program to reduce stress through mindfulness, awareness is developed by the Centre for the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In weekly classes participants trained to focus on

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Jewish Third Reich

Russia — a country of prisons


Thermal catastrophe is inevitable

Scientists from around the world have provided strong evidence that global warming continues to worsen and, obviously, can not be stopped by the measures which are now accepted. Not all are sure that his cause — the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and automobiles, but all agree that it is becoming warmer and warmer.

80 years of the last century was the warmest decade on record at the time. But 90 years were even warmer, and the first decade of the new century was warmer than the 80's.

The ice around the world are melting and sea levels rising.

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Information weapons Judeo — Christianity against the Slavs


The film — a fairy tale. Jack Frost

Film-tale. Director: Aleksandr Rou. 1964

Once there was a nice, sweet girl Nastya. Wicked stepmother made her work without giving prodyhu. One day she decided to get rid of her stepdaughter, and sent the other to freeze in the winter woods …

In these parts lived boy Ivan. He loved Nastya, but I have only had it a great boaster, because the forest witch and turned it into a bear ….

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