The prophecies of the Magi

Executed again by Knyazhev lyutu decree, From the ashes will rise to fight, and fight lead. And the faithful twice returned did not flinch once. Strong and beautiful, and live forever Tales.

To learn how to fight for the land and lived violently. How in the mist night campfire feasted. But the gray crows circling above us again, And the bright stars in the darkness without a trace burned.

Seven thousand years ago on the territory of modern Russia there was a state, which bore the name Iriy (Arius Yary, Vyry). Our planet was called by the ancient

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Man in the World Reveal

For a more clear and understandable considering use figurative comparison of man with a computer complex, the only difference will be that of an ordinary "company" operator is outside, and the "biocompost" inside the car. So individual electronic computer consists of: 1) the so-called "iron" with its operating system, which corresponds to the human body, 2) downloaded and installed the software and information management, meets the human soul, and 3) the operator, in the spirit of man, our " I am. "

This identity can be concluded that the computer hardware, like the human body has a certain life and

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The spiritual father of all Russia was ignorant

Late last year, the chief pop Russia again cut a poor figure. This time it was not the duty-free import of alcohol and tobacco products, who at Gundyaev, but basic ignorance is not valid for this rank …

Patriarch Kirill called Slavs animals and second-class citizens

Another scandal around the head of the MP Patriarch Kirill. In September 2010, responding to questions from the TV channel "Russia", Patriarch Kirill clearly got carried away and revealed his true colors — a cosmopolitan person, a stranger, and Russia, and to the Slavic world.

Despite the fact that the words of

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Slavic writing! Read all! Distribute!

Ivan Scorpio.

Open letter to the doctor of philological sciences, professor of Russian language Samara State University, a leading expert in the field of comparative linguistics Slavic Samara State Academy, teachers of history, language and culture of the Slavic peoples "The Slavic World: Faith and Culture", one of the main organizers of the "Cyril — Methodius Readings ", co-chair of the International Scientific Conference Lyudmila Karpenko Borisovna.

Dear Lyudmila!

From your … inspired words like crying and crying for joy for a truly selfless "scientific" activity for you and your companions from philology.

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Ancient Russia. To the emergence of writing

Tyunyaev Andrey (Moscow), President of AFS, RANS

'Email — sign system fixing speech allows using descriptive (graphic) elements to transmit voice data and fix it in time"[1, p. Letter].

There are four main type letters:

Ideographic; Word-syllabic (logographic-syllabic); Actually syllabic; Letter-sound (alphabetical). 1. Ideographic script

In ideographic writing each character (visual element) can stand for any word in any grammatical form within a circle of conceptual associations, or directly caused by the images that make up the sign, or conditional. For example, a sign depicting a "leg" can mean "go", "stand", "bear", etc. in any grammatical form. Instead of

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Of arias, Sanskrit and Slavs

Section 1

For those looking for the internet for information about the history of the Slavic peoples, are well aware that there is common nomadic site to site tenacious tale of similarity of Russian and Sanskrit. Tells of some Indians, which owns Sanskrit, which in one of the hotels in Moscow in Russian say in what number it a go, and he reportedly surprised overwhelmingly to the fact that he does not understand, without any translation, as if the hotel employees to deal with this Indian in his native language. Well, even though the story and some embellished, it

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Vedic orthodoxy, as a systemic vision and framework Slavic spirituality

Today, many researchers know that ancient sacred Vedic knowledge encoded in our language. These secret language dedicated Russian people nymphs, and witch-priestess, whom Christian tradition calls witches. The word "Veda", ie "Know" which determines the depth meaning of Russian Vedic worldview. Modern Russian Vedism — is not an exotic India on Russian soil, and the deepest layer of historical systemic worldview and spirituality of our people. Fulfilling prophecy prophet Vanga: "The ancient teaching come into the world." (Stoyanova K.Istinata for Wang. Sofia, 1996).

The nature of the systemic vision of our ancestors is beyond the scope of any science, and

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Time Rus collect! Conference in Minsk. Invitation.

"Belarusian Slavic Committee"


Belarusian Association "RUS"

BELARUS DTD. International Slavic Academy

Union for national sobriety

International Slavic Academy

Life-affirming culture of their native land — the present and future of the nation !


participation in International Scientific Conference

"The Slavic World: ZRAVOMYSLIE, SAFETY, IDEOLOGY to come!"

Minsk from 25 to 27 February 2011.

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Slav and Arius to remember all his life

1. We are all brothers Slavs — Great White Race — Velikoros, Beloros, Maloros one great family. Help each other. Help each other, even if you hate each other! Buy each other. Buy goods from each other, the peasant and feremera, gardeners, because thus you support their family and their race great — Rhode own.

2. Our strength — in unity.

In unity, we passed through the centuries, we have grown, changed, sought to transform the world, protect the people, to defend the right to life. Unity — a goal and a means to an

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Temples of the ancient Slavs

Diverse beliefs and traditions of the Slavs are the foundation on which there was a Russian folk culture. Having survived the centuries, they have been preserved in the deep layers of folklore influenced the development of the national mentality. Interest in the case continued unabated for many generations of historians, ethnographers, folklorists, archaeologists. Of particular relevance issue of Slavic paganism acquired in the last turning point in the fate of the Russian people.

Variety of sources offer a wide scope for researchers of different areas of history. However, the heterogeneity of Slavic paganism, bedding them different time

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