The woman — the keeper Rod

Why our wise ancestors gave special importance of attractive women, women's ability to attract and keep a loved one? Why are women so you must be the Enchantress. All because of female coquetry, frivolity, because of the "innate" desire to please — you might say. Of course, and so, too. But let's look back centuries, there may be answered.

The fact is that in ancient times, women were worshiped by men. Woman gives birth to children. Since ancient times, a symbol of femininity expressed the idea of fertility and life. In traditional Slavic embroidery remained a diamond shape, divided

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Slavic Center in Kazakhstan

Slavic cultural center of the Pavlodar region. Image:

Recently, we learned that it appears in Pavlodar in the north-east of Kazakhstan is a major center of Slavic culture. Community representing Slavic culture in Kazakhstan, with over 5000 people. Branches center of Slavic culture is also in the city of Aksu in 8 of the 10 districts.

The center has a chorus of Russian folk songs and a museum of the writer Anastasia Tsvetaeva, who has lived in Pavlodar years. The site collected rare and unique materials. Affects a variety of groups and projects that are carried

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Ross roars of anger or, as our ancestors fought

"I have not seen people with more perfect bodies, herewith slavane. They like palm trees, blonde, beautiful face and body "

Ibn Fadlan, Arab puteshevstvennik.

Overcoming fear and hiding emotions, boy proved his maturity. Then, based on the hard school of military doctrine and the knife handle, he went into the dense forest of the bear's hide. Try for a moment to reflect and imagine in all colors form a large forest giant, roaring in front of you. Heavy clawed feet, a single movement can break ribs and tear the body against a knife and human skills.

According to

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Russia is destined for greatness, it is her fate, if you want

Pictured: Sergei Lusch

"Between the Russian and Belarusian people, in my opinion, the opinion, the difference is the same as that of brothers: the features, the character, but we are children of the same mother — Russia" Always collected, serious and severe. Young and precocious reasonable. So I appeared on a forum of Russian compatriots by the Belarusian youth organization "Russ Young"Today's hero of the" Window to Russia "Sergey Lusch.

— Sergey, tell us about yourself — your hobbies, education, where you were born? — I belong to the generation that was born and began his career on

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Artist Vsevolod Ivanov — the true story of the ancient (Vedic) Russia

In his works, the artist Vsevolod Borisovich Ivanov shows us the ancient (Vedic) Russ this for what it really was. Here is what the artist about his work:

"From a young age I knew that … distorted history of medieval Russia. Falsified recent history. However, over the past decade, it became possible to publish literature of ancient and authentic ancient record of Russia. And … I had to learn as a student this splendor.

The cycle of "Vedic Russia" will continue until the end of the allotted period of life. Russian artist … Art should

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