Earths magnetic field weakens

What on earth there is life, there is only one reason — the Earth is surrounded by an invisible membrane magnetosphere. The magnetosphere protects the planet from the hard cosmic radiation, the impact of which is deadly to all living things. This invisible shield is weakening, and the death is only a matter of time. In the process of weakening the protective functions of the magnetic field, the impact of cosmic rays will be felt more and more. The direct effect of radiation leads to increased radiation and increasing cancer. Cosmic radiation interferes with the person at the genetic level,

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Color revolutions

Most recently in the American press, interesting materials that reveal some of the secret springs of "color revolutions", including in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab countries.

So in the article, "Groups in the United States contributed to the development of the Arab revolts" from April 14, 2011, the newspaper "New York Times" points directly to the source of training "field commanders" Arab "revolution" that teach ways to organize cells of the opposition, the use of social network "Twitter" and "Facebook", and mobile communications to organize mass protests and street demonstrations.

Among the recipients of targeted

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Church business: dance to Rasputin in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

May 1 Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was again leased a private event. The network posted a video with gay public festivities in the temple. Obviously comfortable with the clergy insult shrines, if they are paid for that money. Recall that the media have repeatedly covered the topic of paid services in CCS. Rental rates in the temple premises are also known: Hall of Church Councils — 450 000 rubles. Day, White Hall — 95 000 rubles. Day, buffet hall — 85 000 rubles. Day, Conference Room — 100 000 rubles. Day , Press Center — 40

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Kolovrat talks about substitution of concepts and education

Demin — New Timeline

Demin explains what he differences with the New Chronology Fomenko and Nosovsky.

Valery Demin — the leader of the Omsk Russian-Slavic National Union, Colonel stock researcher and writer of the past. Author of banned books: "From the Aryans to Rusich", "From Rusich to Russians", "War and the armed struggle."

Father Alexander on Dy Storm Radio 01/10/11

Today is the Day of breaking the siege of Leningrad

Today is a memorable day for those who survived the horrors of the siege. 68 years ago, joined forces of the Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts. Blockade ring, in which city he lived 900 days, was broken. At the site of the historic events in the village of Marino near Petersburg, today held a feast for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. For them, working field kitchen, a band was playing and heard the words of gratitude from the young people who are still alive thanks to their courage

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See all! Christian priest confesses


How does the global economy

Nikolay Starikov speech at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys November 22, 2011.

Krypto. Megalithic structures


The program discusses the phenomenon of megaliths — huge stone prehistoric structures weighing up to hundreds of tons, which is almost all continents, as well as on the sea floor. The most famous of them — this is Stonehenge in Wiltshire (England). Guest transmission — Ph.D. in History Tatiana Fadeev

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