Once upon a time the Slavs










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In Sweden, found a mysterious dolmen

Swedish archaeologists have found the remains of the tomb age 5500 years near El Stones — megalithic monument, where, according to legend, was buried King Al. This discovery was the product of Geophysical Research, which took place in 2006.

Intrigued by the circular structure with a diameter of 50 meters with a rectangle in the center, the Swedish National Board of archaeologists Heritage decided to excavate at the site.

"The outer circle was hard to find, but we found traces of fuzzy on the plot, which probably are the imprints of smaller stones," — said archaeologist Bent Cederberg (Bengt Soderberg).

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Secrets Okunevskaya Lakes



Caucasians, shouting, Cut the Russian! Beat passers-by (video)


Belarusian village. Locked topic in Russia

Kolovrat — Image runes Effect Lands

Mobiles become painful weapons

British scientists have developed a working model of the plasma antenna, to be used in next-generation mobile. In addition, the invention can be used by the military to create energy weapons, said Utro.ru.

Solid-state plasma antenna PSiAN (Plasma Silicon Antenna) is a chip with a few tens of thousands of diodes. In operation, these diodes surround themselves with a cloud of electrons in one-tenth the size of a millimeter. Each cloud is a mirror for microwave radio waves.

Including some of the other LEDs on and off, you can focus the light into a narrow beam and change its direction.

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History lesson from Zadornov


Genocide under the guise of fighting for the rights of children

Juvenile justice system, devised and implemented by people who are sick of the "enlightened" West, pushed hard in Russia. For this dirty politics does not disdain, and even the lives of children and decent people — and even more so …Online media was a powerful PR-company juvenile technologies that destroy families and crippling the psyche of children. The flow of information is constructed in such a way that the ordinary, peaceful people are not familiar with this problem, never understood, not a full picture of what is happening at all, and how to break down their families

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