What we remember about our history?

Lukashenko: Belarus has not dikiogo secret privatization and capitalism!

Ancient mysteries. Hidden cities Etruscan

It was a time of dramatic contrasts, where a fabulous luxury was based on slave labor. Afire with a touch of barbarism. The celebration of the life and worship of death. How all this could exist side by side. In ancient Italy before the rise of Rome, Etruria was the state with the unique secrets Etruscan people buried with their cities.

Comet May 11, 2011, flying to the sun


Comet discovered amateur astronomer Sergey Shurpakov.

In the construction of Stonehenge was used ball bearings

Stonehenge. Built long ago. It is unclear how and why

British scientists have found out that the creators of the mysterious monument Paleolithic owned technologies that emerged thousands of years later.

Roll — not to drag

Stonehenge — the world famous monument of the Paleolithic. Located in the county of Wiltshire, about 130 km south-west of London. Several tens of hewn stone blocks in a circle diameter of 33 m, the height of these columns — 4.1 meters, width — 2.1 m, weight of each — about 25 tons. Put them on top of the stone-bridge: length —

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Armada! UFO — December 2010

CHILDREN ARE withdraws from families

The reasons for the removal of children from families so far different: No repairs, not nailed baseboards, no fruit at home, have pets, scattered toys, the child is in the kitchen while mom cooks, neglect of parents (even if the reason is a few children in the family), the prohibition in the morning until the evening to watch TV and child etc.

Hybrid black potatoes save from cancer

The new trend in medicine — potato pill. In the laboratory, the All-Russian Institute of Plant established experimental hybrids. As researchers found, the ancient varieties of potatoes with black flesh may be a cure for cancer.


Russia recognized the mafia state

Russia is actually a "mafia state" whose political parties are working hand in hand with organized crime. This is stated in the materials of the U.S. diplomatic corps, published on the website Wikileaks and the British newspaper The Guardian.

Spanish prosecutor Jose Gonzalez told the U.S. that it considers Russia "Virtual mafia state, in which the activity of the government activity amounts to criminal gangs". Prosecutor investigates activities of Russian organized crime in Spain for many years. Gonzalez also inclined to agree with poisoned in 2006 in London defector Alexander Litvinenko that Russian intelligence and security services of Russia "controlled

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Military secret. Aired 02/04/2012


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