The New Testament and the Beast old Aryan tradition of monotheism. Gomonov Y.


Military Secret (12/11/2012)

Winter Day God Perun

Dear friends!

Congratulations to all on a holiday winter day Perun!

33 Beylet SMZH summer 7518 (10-11.01.2011 city).

That is what is written about the holiday in the Vedas:

In ancient times God Perun freed from hell people. All who lured there by fraud and force, and gave them the opportunity to return to their homes. When people come out of hell, God Perun flunked the entrance to the Sunshine (gate mezhdumirya) Caucasian mountains … but the Earth, in addition to people slipped out of hell and all ungodliness …

Liberated people gladly welcomed their home,

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Military secret. (Aired 9/24/2012)

— Al-Qaeda and the CIA. A marriage of convenience? — Russian missile "Mosquito": nightmare for the Pentagon; — Predatory "Puma" for German soldiers; — Chechen revenge. Diary unforgotten war; — Big Blue, The secret ocean depths; — Iron Felix. Short life and mysterious death of the first Chekistov; — Lost: a dangerous martial arts skills in self-defense? — RMB-93 — the newest weapon of Russian special forces; — Whether there is our world? Fantasia on a planetary scale. — "UFO". Operation of disinformation.

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Whether a person


Mikhail Zadornov. Putin and cranes

How was it? Reserve each year on the Yamal teach young cranes cranes fly with hang gliders. Gliders wears a white robe, a beak and gave a cry of cranes. They thought it was their parent, and fly over him like a leader. Putin learned about this, he said that in Russia only one leader, and went to the Yamal to the Siberian Crane. He was put in a hang glider, gave a white robe … Bill did not dare. I would have given a lot to look at the president's bill.

Cranes soared for Putin, because he has his

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Nevzorov. On protection of Christian values

A series of "Lessons of Atheism"

Nature. Relationship with nature Slavs

People in ancient times enjoyed wonderful ability of plants — to provide food and warmth. But in addition to these properties, people noticed that the plants can influence the destiny of man, and heal him from illness and physical and spiritual. People have long revered trees and groves. They have come to be treated, to pray, to ask for protection or love. For centuries the trees attributed magic power. It was believed that they live guardian spirits of man. With many trees associated signs, beliefs and rituals.

Depevo in napodnoy kyltype Slavs — the object of worship. In

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Sunrise Dawn. Wolf era. Time comes our Slavic …

In 10,948 BC, the era of the Virgin, began the following day Svarog, come evening and galactic human consciousness start "sleep." Upon the occurrence of the galactic night came the great flood which destroyed Atlantis and almost the entire population of the planet. Over hundreds of legends and myths walks of this terrible tragedy in different nations, and American Indians are your calendar on the occurrence of these events — they are now in the calendar year of 13,653. Shifted the magnetic poles (relative Earth's crust, not the orientation in space). Only a few managed to escape the righteous

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Hamayun — Bird broadcasting

Slavic mythology — the key to the soul of the Russian people, its history and culture. The images reflect the world of Slavic mythology of ancient people. The Slavs did not know religion, but only Faith. Pagans also known people who have had a different faith. Its just called Veda (knowledge), or just faith (and those who adhered to, Woertz). The Orthodox faith was anciently (thank Rule, the world of the gods of light and of the Ancestors). Jav, Nav and the right — three parts of the world.

Later, the sovereign people perekuvyrkali many concepts and "worked"

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