Unexpected Zadornov

WHERE do have went and would land RUSSIAN! ALMOST happy ending (HAPPYENDOVKA)

For to those that have and will be Russian land! Sinister, trolls, and Normanists — which, incidentally, is the same — please do not read further.

Mikhail Zadornov. Photo: gazeta.lv

— You know, Watson, as archaeologists know where the land in ancient times lived Slavs? This is very interesting! If you find signs of growing rye or linen, so they were Slavic or land of their ancestors. So … judging by the archaeological data, the ancestors of the Slavs — we call them the

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Happy goddess Lada!

Today (May 20, 2012, 40 7520 Elet SMZH)in all branches of Slavs and Aryans sing and worship Lada great glory of God.

Goddess of Harmony was not in the pantheon of Russian gods, nor go in there and Rod — the progenitor of all life on earth. Both of these deities were that called, "the blood of the Slavs" from birth — they were an integral part of the Slavic world view. Harmony-Love is one of the fundamental principles of the world of the Slavs, without Rod would never have made the people. His favorite Russian Slavs called the name

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Vedic cleansing. The path of their ancestors. Universes and gods

Each to himself and the creator, and the murderer, and the judge, and mentor.

By publishing a compilation of revealing the depth of the Slavic world view ("Foundations of the Secret Doctrine of the Slavs", "Slavonic Book of Death", "The Book of Light — add" and others). One important issue was the transition in 2012, our solar system from the zone controlled by Dark Worlds in the white area of the galaxy (in accordance with the Slavic-Aryan science "Stars and Earth"). Our Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the galactic star systems Swati, also called the Milky Way. Swati

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How not to get hooked at a crucial time

Good day to you, dear Rodowicz!

We live in an amazing time, a time when there is a revival of our culture and people, race. Some souls plunged into the abyss of ignorance and degraded, while others rise and evolve. The strong get stronger, the good deed .. Our people, our Race and Rod failed to destroy centuries of genocide and repression, terror and war. Our Ancestral Gods awaken in us and are gradually coming into their power and restored, revived in spirit. Until then, while on Mother Earth will live, even though a few Rusich living Pocono, in truth,

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Worldview of the ancient Slavs and fractal physics as a factor in understanding the sacred laws of the universe

Mankind has no true knowledge, so is war and arms, to solve their problems, while greatly reducing your potential survival: exploded and burned out Earth ozone layer bombings and missile firing. Scientists and governments of all countries continue to be in a serene state, although their fictional world of mechanism and mysticism long dead.

By righteous tree of knowledge, embodying the law of the unity of the three worlds: the natural, the human and the cosmic mind, no one was allowed in the last 2000 years. Therefore, in a society dominated by science and not laws, but an artificial

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The true meaning of blasphemy

Koschyuny (koschyunstvovat) — The old way is written that way, and not through the letter "y." Over the past few centuries, not only the history of the Russian people was copied many times, often invited victuals "learned" men — but changed the Russian language, distorting the true meaning of his words.

The same approach representatives alien religion manifested equally in relation to the ancient mythological images of Russian fairy tales, epics, legends.

Over time, people's consciousness that mark overlapped, which proved to be a specific way in the writings of people who have studied the Russian tradition:


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Slavs and slaves — is there a connection?

In some Western European languages (both old and modern) are known words with meaning "servant" or "slave", which are often similar to the words of the same language, designating the term "Slav". All of them, as well, like the words of the medieval Greek and Latin languages, signifying the Slavs. Here are some of them: Englishslave («slave»), Frenchesclave ("esklav"), GermanSklave («sklave"), Portugueseescravo («eskravo"), Italianschiavo («skiavo")etc.

SV Ivanov, "Trade in the Eastern Slavs."

Similar words for slaves, known in some Scandinavian, the Dutch, in Romanian, and even medieval Arabic. They are all, to some extent, similar to the self

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Rita and Yoga

Part of the Aryan culture, the residence time in the Yin country was honoring the various manifestations of the divine in a particular incarnation, with the gradual strengthening and rejuvenation of some deities and weakening, aging others. Even more dramatic changes have occurred after the great migration from India, with the changing technology and the adoption of Christianity bakery.

Slav forgotten Pure Rita! A log cabin in the forest Not Yoga — Mudra so strict, And — oh! Leg bone — Called "witch" …

So let's Eve, 2012, this would be the resurrection of the spirit

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They started to solder rusichej

And the world will lead the baptized At each station inn


Alcohol was obtained in 1334, inventor of the first French monk moonshine — alchemist Arnold Villneva. First grape spirit called "aquavit", which means "water of life" appeared in Russia in the years 1386-1398. He was brought to Moscow Genoese merchants from Byzantium. When grand-yard alcohol did not make much of an impression then. Back then it was decided to drink malogradusnye meads. In 1429 to Russia again poured large amounts of "aquavit." His Greek monks were brought here, and the Genoese of Kaffa and the Florentines, to trade

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In search of ancient artifacts

Probably, this idol was ordered to burn, but the fire is not essential hurt its bottom part, and then he was thrown into the river

Just two unique archaeological finds made in the former Soviet Union. Under the city Lisakovsk Kazakhstan on excavation Novoilinskogo mound for the first time in recent years, scientists have been able to find nerazgrablennuyu grave, where they were symbols of power and dishes of the day. But that's not the point. The tomb was a skeleton of a man, whose growth — only in a flexed position — one was six feet three

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