Alive — the universal life force

The average person to live in the modern world is quite difficult: food contaminated by pesticides and carcinogens in the air — emissions of technical production, morbidity and mortality increase. No place to look for support, because in a society ruled by cruelty and meanness.

From all this there is a sense of hopelessness and despair. People think that they are powerless and have no rights in this cruel world …

Even so, we do not think that all of this — the investigation of spiritual darkness and nevedaniya that now dominate in our souls.

In one of the

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Ros and Russia, two states — two worldview

In the history of the Slavs has two interesting titles that, for all its similarities to two separate time, territory, and the value of public education. We are talking about states Ros and Russia.


Ros of the name is closely linked with the dominance of the Slavs ancient worldview (volhvizma), in which the concept of "growing up" meant spiritually enlightened man who owns the ancient world view, knowledge (mirozdancheskogo law), the one who wills to be meaningfully Forefathers (Magi- ukrov Rakhmanov). Abbreviation "grew up" in this case, means — "(a) exactly the Fathers of the Holy",

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The strength of the sacred tree

"In the forest — that rodilisya, but the trees — then pray," — used to say to the people of Vologda. Trees were considered no less alive than the people themselves. So let's try to figure out what was due to a persistent belief of our ancestors live, magical power of a tree.   Depevo in napodnoy kyltype Slavs — the object of worship. In dpevnepysskih monuments 11-17 centuries. reported worshiping pagans "poscheniyam" and "dpevesam" about prayers for them ("poscheniem zhpyahy …"). Sydya on vsemy it were, as a rule, surrounded ogpadoy Lots forest. Groves were considered reserved, they do

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Slavic world view

Pocono centuries of our ancestors saw the world as an integral part of the World of God and as an integral part of. This is recognized in respect of the Slavs to the plant and animal life, which has always been native to the Slavs. Why is your family? And I will explain why. In principle, that would understand what we are here now recorded in 2 sentences can be read 3-volume book "Poetic views on the nature of the Slavs" Afanasyev, but you can still, without even reading it, think about it, as our ancestors, say : Birch sister,

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Apollo — giperboreets?

The existence of Hyperborea educated folks we know from Greek sources. Who did not see the antique maps, where the north-eastern part of Europe, in Latin, written the name of the legendary country. A child who does not remember the stories about the exploits of Hercules, one of which was to get the magic apples from Hyperborean land. Who has not read about the journey of the Argonauts for the Golden Fleece, which was attended by Hyperboreans Zeta and Kalaida.

Of course, these references — just the tip of the iceberg, only a small, insignificant part of the knowledge of

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Little-known information about the Slavs and Orthodox

Recently, one can observe a renaissance of Christianity in Russia. Built more temples are public prayers and the procession and at Christmas all news television channels broadcast a church service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. On the one hand, the Constitution of the Russian Federation said that Russia — a secular state and religion are separated from it. On the other hand, the first person in the country priests kiss the hands of the ROC, and the priests themselves riding on such expensive cars in the country, for which a common man in my life

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When the day of Svarog?

The main evidence of the existence of intelligent life on other planets is that no civilization, hitherto not yet in contact with us

Now in the Slavic world, vividly discussed topic of the imminent arrival of the Day of Svarog. This is the time when all the impure, "dark" and hostile Slavs and around the White Rod power off the ground and her reign paradise, bliss and peace. According to those who talk about this time, our solar system passes through a series of different palaces (constellations). At a certain period of time, it can be located

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How our ancestors followed their energy

Ancient Slavs in their commonsense reasoning is simple. That is in man in charge? Only the body, but only the feelings and thoughts. Then it is necessary to maintain health in good condition? First of all, you need to determine what is best for a particular type of body (constitution), of a temperament (emotional development), as a person rebuild their thoughts, that they did not prevent him to be healthy, confident, joyful and happy. They were based on what was called "Surya body." What is it? This three biological juice of life, which are in constant

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Originally led by

The fact that we are now seeing the mixing of different races, and it seems to think, that this is completely harmless, or even good, requires at least a few remarks. Argues that such confusion, in principle, it is a good thing — because, as it were, and culture changes and in general — are living in new territories. It is "good" only works for the race whose men take their wives women. The fact that the scripts of women's fate in principle suggest that opportunity — dying in his family and birth in the birth body of her

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Inglїizm — FAQ.

This publication is intended primarily for all Rusov somehow interested in their past, heritage, culture and traditions of their ancestors. Irrespective of religion, ethnic fraternal people will always be able to find a common language and understand each other (although the parasites are trying hard to have bled).

This material was collected and prepared by the person who experienced firsthand how many of our brothers like hang tags, stamps and state think stereotypes. To understand the issue itself, he has consistently explored various aspects basic "stones" to throw into the garden of the Old Believers.


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