Vedagor. Creating a strong family

If we have a strong family, a strong tribe would mean, tough Rod, strong people and strong will power, that is, the construction of Power begins with the family — this is the main brick of any society.

And if families are destroyed and no Power will not be the same. We just destroyed, if they want to capture the enemies of our territory, so they would catch enough to destroy the family.

Now, therefore, in the first place for government officials — they have to stand in defense of the family is, the restoration of the

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ERA technotronic dictatorship (total control)

In an interview with Aaron Russo recalls that he once asked Rockefeller, "Do you have all the money in the world that you need. You have all the power in the world that you need. What is the meaning of all this, what is the end goal? "At this Rockefeller said:" Our ultimate goal — to make sure that they were all chipped. In order to control the whole society, the bankers and the elite to control the world. "

After chipizatsiyu and control over the material by introducing human-UEC world government wants ultimately to enslave people

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A Russian in Latvia still wins

Company "Native language" offers duplicate street names in Latvian Daugavpils in Russian. 'That would be a manifestation of respect for the residents and their native language"- Believe it.

The society is willing to assume the costs for production and placement of additional panels with the names of the streets. Willingness to fund the project made known several entrepreneurs. They also note that in addition to the Russian language can duplicate street names on signs Latgalian.

In Daugavpilssky thought have not been able to say when it would consider the proposal, citing the fact that the matter has not been discussed

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Good initiatives of the Odessa region of Ukraine

Back to basics. Just a few days ago in the walls of the Odessa Regional State Administration public discussion of the draft law "On the family estate." This document provides that every citizen of our country will be able to legally hectares of agricultural land for the resettlement of life and living. Say "leave the city and return to the ground," so to say "runs like a red thread" through the law "On the family estate." Thus, one or another Ukrainian, who wants to live like before the revolution, is entitled to receive for such a drive one hectare of

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The mystery of the Cossack rescue

Writer Yuri Sergeyev in 1995 in his novel "Prince's Island" for the first time opened the secret of the "Cossack saved."

This fighting tradition, miraculously preserved to this day, has its roots in antiquity. Yuriy Sergeyev was not only able to track down all the keepers' Cossack rescued "in different parts of Russia, but he has mastered the art.

Where are you from? As enthusiastic literature?

— I was born in the village of Don Skurishinskaya. I never thought that I would become a writer. But, apparently, I have such a fate. I think a key role in my

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Housewives — limited and poor fool?

This is one of the chapters of my forthcoming book, which is now being prepared for publication. Is added and is editing, proofreading, layout.

Too many people think (and often, oddly enough, so think it is women) that a housewife does not do anything, it drone, completely dependent creature and needs to stoop to get money and stuff.

I had also been assured that housewives are boring and limited. I do not know why we have such a belief. TV, movies, newspapers, and books. Dasha Bukina — a vivid example of shape in my mind the image of

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Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, on the flow of selling their children for organs for transplantation

Children for organs. Photo:

Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, on the stream sell their children for export … Quote: Police in Brazil have arrested an Israeli citizen and former officer, Sayan Geldaya Tauber Gadi in the international trade in human organs. World center for trafficking in human organs is in Israel. Donor pay 10 thousand dollars, and the patient makes for a kidney unfasten 120 thousand dollars. Only last month in Brazil arrested 10 Brazilians and two Israelis and found 22 ready-to-fence donor. Gelday Gadi said during questioning that the task to make contact with a particular person in

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Mikhail Zadornov announced its program of revolt

Michael (Learn — mzadornov) Zadornov without seeing protesters have specific requirements, but "we are not satisfied power" and "we demand a revision of the election," announced its program of "rebellion", which occurs in people recently. Offer readers IA "Amitel" read his reasoning:

At last!

Hooray! We are rebelling! People will not remain silent!

However, specific requirements, but "we are not satisfied power" and "we demand a revision of the election," I do not see anything.

Personally, I was not enough.

In the energy of rebellion should be a clear vector: vector energy without damaging! Well, we will destroy

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Technotronic era of dictatorship

The new film about the era of Galina Tsareva chipizatsii, total control and change, prepared for the world in the depths of a global government.

Evil comes to humanity. Globalization processes really raises the question of the role of the radical change of the nation state in the modern world is getting Russia to build a global information network cell of society, which will lead to a complete loss of the sovereignty of our country. In fact — it is unprecedented in the history of the construction of the world of humanity sverhtotalitarnoy technotronic dictatorship, where

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People for sale

So, the circle, the old life is gone.

Yesterday we know firmly, my children belong to me, my life depends on me, my future is built by me.

A new era — the neo-slavery. The principle of "economic feasibility", and in other words, "everything for sale", becomes the new religion.

Children are counted and distributed. First put up for sale those who are weaker, whose parents are poor, ignorant of the law, timid and helpless. Markets for "goods" is also already built — the international "adoption", Transplantation, "leisure" sector. Modern Janissaries who are creating a case of

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