Modern boys turn into girls — scientific fact

"These men are extinct! Not men and women! "— Why these expressions of women become routine?

It could not happen for a reason. So it stands for something real. What? Men try to answer this question, and prefer not to bother about these offensive words — a psychological defense.

But this analysis has already done for them one woman — an American, Professor, Director, Center for Reproductive Epidemiology Shanna Swan of the University of Rochester (Shanna Swan), in our opinion — Lebedev. She has published in the "International Journal of Andrology» (International Journal of Andrology) results of a

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Russian government may start a war, or enter a state of emergency

Russian authorities may be preparing to use drastic measures to save the regime. According to Vladimir Putin, a former adviser on economic issues, Andrei Illarionov, there may be killing the opposition leaders, terrorism, armed conflict, and even the state of emergency in the country.At the radio station Illarionov said that citizens with the existing situation in the country in general and fraud in the last elections to the Duma in particular, do not have no illusions as to what the Kremlin intends to meet at least part of the demands made on the rally .


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Kemerovo experts have declared the death of the god Krishna

Photo of the Statue of Krishna in Puttaparthi near the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba. Photo:

Center of the Hare Krishna in Russia made an official statement in connection with the trial of the book "Bhagavad-gita As It Is."

According to the statement, which publishes Portal, the mere fact that the Scriptures with internationally recognized comments before a court, deeply hurt the religious feelings of Hindus and the common people, as evidenced by a wave of publications around the world.

The authors of the note that the Russian translation of "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" has

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Why are we a little baby? Dispelling the myths of overpopulation of the Earth

Number of people in the world is rapidly shrinking. But officials and experts alike and actively talk about the low birth rate, and the overcrowding of land. Which of these promises true? The answer to this reporter tried to find the portal, referring to the well-known demographer and the statistics …

That threatens the well-being of society? According to the director of the Russian Institute for Demographic Research, Doctor of Social Sciences Igor Beloborodov, global threats to family life and create a few children and low birth rates, abortion, including "gendertsid" free sex and cohabitation, adultery and homosexuality, and

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Officially, the priests and wise men

First, make a reservation: to recreate a complete picture of East Slavic drevnezhrecheskogo class is hardly possible. But even the scant evidence that managed to gather the crumbs, represent a clear overall picture of Slavic paganism.

The priests were an integral part of all sections of ancient society, and the more complicated its social structure, the harder and more responsible role became priests. It is known that in the I century BC there were "events", "Councils", "crowd" — obscherodovoy crowded gatherings with complex scenarios of a pagan ritual — to develop a complex of rites, accompanied by pre-fabricated props.


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Patriarch Kirill confessed: Church fails

Patriarch Kirill

"Against us work the whole industry," — said in the Moscow Noginsk the Patriarch.

"Against us work the whole industry — said the other day in Noginsk near Moscow, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill. — Take the Internet: 10-15-20000th blogs, working against the Church. We do not know what money is done, but the fact that there is blasphemed the name of God. And we pretend that we do not. So we all lose. After all, our young people do not come to church, and sits on the Internet — even do not watch

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Phantom of the Fourth Reich

In Germany, the influence of the National Democratic Party, as it was before the Nazis came to power

On December, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said he would try to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD). The statement came after the arrest of a leader of the NPD, convicted in connection with the so-called "national socialist underground." The Minister further stressed that at the present time in the federal government and the governments of the 16 land are preparing the legal framework for the prohibition of the NPD.

Recall that in early November in the small Thuringian town of

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Myths of democracy

The media got through reports that the U.S. created a special body to spread democracy throughout the world. Assumed operational headquarters of the structure to have all U.S. embassies .. It seems that the war against the global hegemony of the world is entering a new phase. It would seem that there is nothing to worry about. Democracy is the most advanced form of political structure, which allows to fully meet the desire for freedom of the majority. At least that is considered to be, or so we are eager to make the count.

But what is in

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The U.S. is trying to organize a coup in Russia

"Senator John McCain is trying to realize the threat, voiced one of Putin"

Tony Kartaluchchi

Photo: Senator John McCain is on the background of the tri-color flag of the Benghazi terrorists, whom he relevant U.S. agencies and NATO armed, financed, provided air support by NATO air force, while they ustaivayte genocide of civilians across Libya. Wherever McCain did not show up — everywhere sow discord and called for the overthrow of national governments. So it was in Egypt, and Libya. Now the senator wants to dance a jig on the ruins of Moscow.

As chairman of the U.S.

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Portrait of America in decline

A number of reports the last 10 days — the standard of living, wages, income inequality and social mobility, in sharp contrast to the official mythology of the United States as the country with unlimited economic opportunities and the highest standard of living.

All these reports are received from government agencies such as the General Accounting Office, the Congressional Budget Office, Social Security Administration, Bureau of the Census and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

This makes the picture of the real situation in America in 2011 is even more deadly. Even controlled by the political representatives

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