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IBM was able to simulate 4.5% of the human brain and make you already obsolete by 2019

Machines already beyond the capacity of the human brain, a process that began not yesterday. Deep Blue against Garry Kasparov, Watson vs. Ken Jennings, Siri vs. inability to control appliances. Now IBM Blue Gene supercomputer is not just trying to beat, and generally mimic a human brain. And it has already managed it by 4.5 percent.

Blue Gene project was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2009, the year, and just two years ago, it took 147,456 processors to simulate a cat's brain. To date, it has managed to reduce the number of processors to simulate

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Dziady — grandfathers in Russian. Belarusian national day of memory of ancestors

In late November, around the world, some people celebrate Halloween — an old Celtic festival. Meanwhile, we, Belarusians have their holiday derived from the same root as Halloween, but I think, more appropriate and kind.

This holiday is called — Dzyady. In the state calendar of holidays and celebrations, it is fixed on November 2, but generally celebrated in the last days of October and / or the first days of November. Popular calendar in such cases is not always accurately recorded — the date can vary from village to village.

Let's start with the translation.

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List of CIA-funded Russian NGOs

Here is a list of organizations that in 2009 received financial support from the Foundation National Endowment for Democracy, which was created by the CIA

List of Russian organizations that received grants through the "National Endowment for Democracy, USA» (the National Endowment for Democracy, NED) in 2009, according to the annual report of its own. An asterisk indicates the organizations that were, in addition to grants NED, additional funding from the U.S. State Department. Amounts expressed in U.S. dollars. All-Russian Public Movement "For Human Rights" (HRA) 75.000 *

To improve the conditions of prisoners in Russian prisons and penal

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Micro-robots, the tool of total control

Have you ever heard of electronic devices RFID? (Abbreviation of the term Radio Frequency Identification, meaning — "Radio Frequency Identification"). These product labels XXI century is here and replace the bar codes.

In Paris they are used reusable tickets for subway turnstile automatically open. They are now the size of a postage stamp. It is enough to put them on a sufficient amount of memory (with personal data of the person and his medical records.) And a small antenna in the form of a flat snake to be able to pass away the information.

And what we have in the

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Why do we live on other peoples rules?

Only one way. Simultaneously. Everyone. Wake up. Wake up from delusion "feast in time of plague." Think. And to act in conscience. What is happening in today's world, it is more like a mass insanity, or death throes. Do the powers explicitly pass the nerves. They are rough and clumsy. Hurry to get rid of any obstacles that might prevent them more free parasites on the body of the Earth and human civilization.

But if humanity is hardly ever rebel, then Mother Earth will not be tolerated indefinitely. Runmaster Yuri Larichev so estimates happening:

"More and more serious

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Is there a single organization of secret detention?

June 11, 1903 Filippov sent to the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" letter in which he said that from his youth was thinking about how to stop the war. "I have made a discovery, practical design that actually abolish war …

In the conduct of war in the distance, I have said, the war is madness and should be abolished. I will publish the details of the fall in Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences. " The next day, the unique 45-year-old man was killed in his own laboratory. The manuscript, which contained mathematical calculations and the experimental

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Belarusian opposition. Where their people?

When I was standing under an umbrella in the park of Friendship of Peoples and watched pathetic spectacle that the participants loudly called "people's gatherings," that somehow remembered the film Pavel Loungin "King." There is a famous scene where Ivan alone freezing on a deserted area, prepared for public festivals, and confused, asks: "Where are my people?"

But no — the organizers do not look like the formidable Russian tsar. Solitude of their own activities will be surprised and will not catch. And this time, any objective observer would confirm that the rain has gathered no more than 150-200 people.

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Russia can threaten war with migrants

The arrested man refuses to answer questions, and apparently, he is shocked by what has happened. Janitor who worked near a Moscow school suspected of causing harm moderate — a visitor from Uzbekistan broke the jaw of a 12-year old child, leaving it with a shovel.

Child was hospitalized with a broken jaw and a concussion, and in relation to the janitor criminal case. According to police, due to the crimes committed by migrant workers, well over a thousand — it's only in Moscow and the Moscow region. And the complexity of the investigation of criminal cases

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Zalechat. The main profit of 200 pharmacists bring imaginary ailments

In medicine regularly, new diagnostic and treatment methods, new technologies, drugs and biologically active substances. Most often, of course, they are already well-known diseases, but sometimes to market new products have both "open" and the previously unknown disease. Disease or declare that the above are not considered.

Potential patients — is both potential buyers and as a result, along with the real disease appears more contrived. The main thing — to find a symptom, and then you can inspire people, that they have some kind of pathology, which is not something that a particular person, and in nature are not

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Why are so few real men. The role of women

Mental strength of women is 6 times higher for men, and to dispose of it can be different. Experience shows — the only proper use — is for the family. The alternative, which prevails in our time, is equal work. The saddest thing is that this equality is presented as a great achievement, not only will this achievement be developed, thus making everyone equal = happy. However, people are not the same, in principle, to say nothing about the nature of man and woman. At a minimum, this position becomes clearly evident imperfection of modern society, waiting

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