What is Nationalism?

What is nationalism? This love for the Nation: recognition of the supreme value of the Nation, and all the rest, including the state and its political and economic structure — the means to achieve the highest creative expression Nation. Nationalist says everything for the Nation, nothing against the Nation, Nation above all!

Patriotism — it is love for the country and homeland — this is the concept of the state and political at the same time. That is a patriot — is a statesman who claims all for the state, nothing against the state, the state above all else. Patriots

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Françoise Berthoud pediatrician child health without vaccination

One day in April 2009, I was invited to give a speech at a conference on vaccination. I had to speak after the journalist Sylvie Simon and biologist Michel Georges, France, two of the best experts on the subject. From their early performances was clear to me that the best thing — stay away from vaccines as possible. I just do not know what else can be done to guarantee the life and health.

As a pediatrician with expertise in the matter, I decided to organize a conference entitled "Perfect health of unvaccinated children" with my friends Silvia and Michelle.

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White Russia — one of the leaders of the CIS in terms of salaries and pensions: REGNUM

Institute for pensioners appeared in Belarus

Minsk, Belarus — one of the leaders of the CIS in terms of salaries and pensions in dollar terms. This statement was made on January 4 reporters at a press conference, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Valerian King.

Sustainable growth and quality of life of the population, as well as to create conditions for human development is, according to the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security, the primary purpose of socially oriented state, which is Belarus.

According to him, the challenges related to real income growth, reduce unemployment,

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What lies behind the campaign Tell the truth! in Belarus

Elections in Belarus ended the life of inhabitants went into its usual course — without any turmoil and shocking shots on TV and terrifying rumors. People are busy pre-New Year troubles. Everyone hopes for the New Year to find happiness, prosperity, love, friendship, in the end, just to gain new experiences.

But something understated and not all clear, no explanation yet, no, no, and pops up in memory of the Belarusians.

And probably the most asked question among them after 20 December was — why people came to the area?

Debate on this subject can be long and tedious. But

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Elements psevdozhurnalistiki

I think that journalists have bound his career with the "yellow" media gradually forget the basics that they have been taught to journalism. They have such things as news, information about me semantic component. Read news feed charters and guerrillas and wonder. Here, for example, biting headline: "political Stud urgently put in the hospital." You open and you will know that the democratic activist passing military service in the army, and his throat with a sore throat was placed in a medical unit. You read and do not know whether to laugh or cry. What is the

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Cartoons — this is the best expression of joy

Before going out to hire the cartoon "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen" producer on Sergei Selyanov said "Culture Park" that is "popular blockbuster," and false failure "Brest Fortress", compared Russia with post-war Italy and explained why in Russian Cinema has not yet formed the mainstream.

December 30 on the screens out cartoon "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen", closing a cartoon series STV film company of epic heroes. Like the previous three films, "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen" is positioned as a "people's blockbuster." To find out what the this popular genre of contemporary Russian cinema, the correspondent of "Culture

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Conspiracy scientific inquisitors

Scientists have for years trying to solve the drinking water problem in Russia. With enormous reserves of fresh water, its quality in water supply is poor. Clean water in the country is almost there. All spring RAS Commission on pseudoscience persistently urged journalists that invented Viktor Petrik filters for water purification are not working. The editors have documents that contain correspondence member of the Commission on Pseudoscience RAS Academician Aleksandrov Sheveleva American journalist and Lebedev. For a million dollars, they developed a plan for "exposure" Petrik. "I see the next steps in exposing Petrick so. I write with the Russian-American

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Lunar eclipse: Why wait?

Eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the shadow of the planet. If the plane of the orbit of the Moon and Earth to coincide, the lunar eclipse would be repeated every full moon. However, the Moon's orbit is inclined from the plane of Earth's orbit about five degrees, and so eclipses occur much less frequently. Often seen at the time of the eclipse, the moon turns red, "is filled with blood." This is due to the fact that the earth's atmosphere is better transmits the red part of the spectrum of solar radiation. The upcoming lunar eclipse eclipse will

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Ecclesiastical terror in the Middle Ages

The uniqueness of the arrival of Christianity in Rus', was among other things the fact that Prince Vladimir was the first ruler who took seriously the commandment of the new faith, namely, the death penalty. As the story "The Tale of Bygone Years", was soon rushed excited Greek clergy. "Why do not execute murderers? '. "I'm afraid of Sin" — replied the prince. — "How is the Lord said:" Thou shalt not kill ',' Judge not, that ye be not judged, forgive, but you will be forgiven, "and so on." Fathers, did not bother, he immediately cited the letter of

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The virus, which was struck by RUSS

"Hardship" or as persons PREVODA biblical Christianity nationality imported to Russia.

Russian official religion is Christianity. Religion in which there is no word on the Slavs. Some Jews. At the time, as do the Jews have a different religion. Paradox? To see why it is so, we need to understand how to cross Russia. However, only without Jewish interpretations.

Before Christianity in Russia was Old Faith — Orthodox. Our ancestors were Orthodox, because Rightly famous.

According to the Vedic scriptures, there are: Reality — tangible world, Nav — the world of spirits and ancestors, Regulation — the

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