Altai yoga — what is it?

Really — Altai? Are we seeing the emergence of a new trend in multiform and great practice Yoga? Or, perhaps, the Altay Yoga has nothing to do with the Vedic tradition, which we know today is based practice Yoga? Or it may be worth re-read by Nicholas Roerich on links Altai and Himalayas? What do you think — what is Altaisk Yoga? Wise practices based on ancient philosophies, these ancient, it seems — the eternal, proven centuries of experience and hundreds of thousands of generations — a priceless gift to us from our ancestors. Do not consider this experience to

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Sodom and Gomorrah LPC

"Go back to my podsobochku molodenkay, I'll there barbarysok nasyplyu and toy show!"

Family Wii Artmane, oppose the promotion of homosexuality, fell out of favor to the Metropolitan Alexander

Son of actress Vija Artmane Kaspars Dimiters publicly berated homosexuality, and his wife League Dimitere fell across the road "Riga Pride" and sprinkled them with holy water, calling to renounce his sin. The head of the Latvian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) demands to punish L. Dimitere for alleged embezzlement.

Rare case: Latvian Orthodox Church chose to endure dirty linen in public. For the preparation

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The ideology of Western democracy: a slave who could one day become a slaveholder

Legitimate inequality of people in a liberal democratic society. Potentially all people equal opportunities, but to implement them effectively allows units. A slave, if he is very lucky, there is a chance to become a slave, but to be free he can not.

From a lecture at Moscow State University Alexander Dugin

In 2010, the disaster claimed the lives of 260,000 people

Was a record year for the number of natural disasters and man-made disasters. Damage from natural disasters and man-made disasters for the global insurance industry this year is $ 36 billion, but losses to society as a whole is much higher — 222 billion dollars, according to the world's largest reinsurance company Swiss Re, reported interfax.

This year, the disaster claimed far more lives than in 2009: 260 thousand to 15 thousand. The number of casualties this year is a record since 1976.

However, due to the relatively calm hurricane season in the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. this

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Where did our working people from TV screens?

On TV channels show anyone, but people just do not work!?

For many, many years I do not see all channels of our "honest" TV no representatives of the working people!

I do not see any tractor or factory worker, not a single person who grows wheat, milk the cows, sew us clothes, build houses, teach our children, makes a variety of services …

TV shows:

— every day, several times, the performance of Medvedev and Putin (where do they work?)

— it seems that we feed, clothe, build apartments oligarchs, governors, mayors, civil servants, and not the working

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Methods of chakra development in children and how to praise a child

There are many ways a positive impact on the child, which is achieved by means of different educational objectives. Adults often use them, are not always aware of what the results give one or another way. Proper encouraging children can do wonders — to motivate them for the necessary steps to strengthen the positive qualities, improve self-confidence, helping to absorb the rules of behavior in society. At the same time, if you select a wrong way to encourage a situation or use continuously only one of them, we can get a result opposite to that expected.

Perhaps the most

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Chelyabinsk scientists have established a link between environmental disadvantage and perceptions of life

CSU scientists have established that every second Yuzhnouralsky school student living in environmentally disadvantaged areas, is in a state of environmental stress. As a result — a teenager pessimistic about the life and the environment identified as being harmful, and people living in it, is seen as a victim of circumstances.

As the correspondent of "New Region", the last two decades of domestic and foreign psychologists are actively studying the psychological aspects of the response to the environmental hazard.

Researchers say today's society there was a special kind of stress caused by exposure to extreme environmental conditions, as well

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Akita Inu

At the end of November 1923 in the suburbs of the Japanese town of Odate (Akita Prefecture) was born puppy Akita Inu. Strictly speaking, it is then it has become a puppy of this breed, and at the time of the title in Japan, few people thought. Soon the puppy shipped thousands of kilometers in a suburb of Tokyo Shibuya, to the new owner — a professor at Tokyo Imperial University Eysaburo Ueno. New pet dog was his eighth and was named Hachi or Hachiko (Japanese for "hachi" stands for the number eight).

Ueno and Hachiko lived in perfect harmony.

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In pursuit of material killing becomes a habit

Jean MINDUBAEV: Rotten hollow Last summer, in the second half of the night came in the village Mating man barely alive. Was beaten to blood, his hands cuffed. He begged him to open the door. But no one has responded to pleas — and the windows are all watching. Night alien crashed near the fence. Only when the light, someone dared to go outside … It turns out that the sufferer, which, at its "Gazelle" was driving somewhere goods, stopped on the highway three kilometers from mating. Thrown out of the car, beaten, robbed of money, handcuffed — and dumped

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Russian elite thinking about emigration

Support of Putin's regime is crumbling in Moscow — the Russian capital. This follows from the survey conducted by the Moscow "Center for Strategic Research." According to the findings, 34% of the province is increasingly express their discontent public authority. In Moscow the number of dissatisfied reaches 46%, and in the middle and upper class — 49%. Among them is the elite — a group of 500 000 people, consisting mainly of the upper-level managers, and senior officials. "They are dissatisfied with their limited economic freedom, and the poor business climate in the country", — says sociologist and one of

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