Jews were told that the Palestinians are people too, and they resented

Israel stops with the Council for Human Rights. Last week, the HRC adopted a resolution on the establishment of a special commission, whose purpose — to find out, without prejudice to whether the rights of the Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank. Israeli Foreign Minister called the initiative surreal and signed a document banning the UN commission access to the country, and therefore, in the settlement.  "As the UN Council on Human Rights in Geneva systematically ignores our point of view, our position and our concerns, and in fact is not cooperating with us on key

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The people demanded justice. Say on TV right

The protest on Manezh Square on December 11 according to various data collected from 5 to 10 thousand people. Why the protests began? As a preventable disorder? This Ruslan Bystrov and Natalie Elder spoke to listeners on the air of "Vesti FM".

Fast: Good evening! We are talking today about the riots that took place last Saturday at the Manege Square in Moscow. And can they be prevented? If so, how? And how to prevent a recurrence of such excitement?

Rustle: According to the latest information, about 600 young people in small groups arrived in the

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Masons in power in Ukraine

When Ukraine introduced a new banknote of 500 hryvnia, Ukrainian media paid attention to the fact that the bill represents one of the most important Masonic symbols — the same as on the dollar bills.

At the front of the note features a portrait of Ukrainian philosopher Gregory Pans, on the back — the building of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. "NBU instructed his department to cash circulation develop regulations turnover of new banknotes", — the press-service of the National Bank of Ukraine.

On the back side of the building notes image of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy "swells" so-called "all-seeing eye" or "radiant

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Being as between robots and rat

Scientists have crossed the robot and the brain: the movements of the wheel platform to wirelessly control a ball rat nerve cells floating in the nutrient solution. The perfect fantasy.

Responsible for the new product, the famous British professor Kevin Warwick (Kevin Warwick), «the first cyborg in history." More than ten years ago, he implanted himself simplest RFID-chip, and afterwards — and a better chip. With his team of researchers grew rat neurons Warwick on an array of 128 electrodes, which are controlled by a simple moving robot. The electrodes transmit signals from sonar and transmit commands to control the

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Dead Light

Documentary Alexei Pobortseva. In Alaska, there is a secret military base «HAARP», which are experimenting with the ionosphere. No one really knows the purpose of these experiments. We only know that it creates an artificial aurora. May soon make the dream of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, and scientists learn transmit electricity without wires. Experts believe that the «HAARP» — part of the U.S. missile defense, which can destroy the most advanced missile. What threatens the U.S. military experiments climate on our planet? Does Russia have similar laboratory? Alexei Pobortseva film "Dead Light" lifts the

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Total control over the life of the family under the new law

Juvenile Justice. Total control over the life of the family under the new law

In the coming days, the officials would be given unlimited authority to total control over the life of the family. Nightmare of Europe — Juvenile Justice — comes to Russia.

Already on June 19 at the State Duma held its first hearing on the bill № 42197-6 «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the implementation of social patronage and activity of the guardianship." As such, the adoption of amendments to legalize the Russian rigid system of social patronage of

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Migrants want to ban the Russian to walk on their own land

November 4, Moscow will host the "Russian March". On a normal even for the National Unity Day march organizers said several thousand people gathered. Slogans, traditional "Stop feeding the Caucasus", "Russia — for Russian," and so on. And also traditionally against holding "Russian March" made by different organizations, bringing together representatives of national minorities.

Madzhumder Muhammad Amin, head of the Federation of Migrants in Russia: "Tomorrow, if that Dagestanis or Chechens hold their march — like this people will treat? I think if it will hold, and Tatars, or to others, it will also cause a negative

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Children screaming soul … Misha Dudkin. The meaning of life


Military Secret (04/09/2012)

Yuri Gagarin: the mystery of the death of the first cosmonaut. Second Chechen Chronicles of trench warfare. American artillery against Russian: who wins? "Pandora's box": a unique missile system, which can not be traced. In neighboring galaxy found an exact copy of our Earth. Wild West: The Truth about American cowboys and gangsters. Secrets of Russian grenades: check for yourself. The Unknown War: amazing naval battles. Human evolution: how a person will look like in a few centuries? Secret signs: why wheat fields appear mysterious circles?

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The film Occupation 101

The winning documentary film festival seven "Occupation 101" tells the facts diligently's default global media about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the formation of one of the state through the destruction of the other. Film of 2006.

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