Birds attacked airport

Several passenger planes trying to take off from the airport "Dabolium" in the famous Indian resort state of Goa have been exposed to an attack by angry members of the family of birds.

According to information provided by the Indian media yesterday, the first victim of the attack was the bird plane of Russian airline "Aeroflot", which fly the route "Panaji — Moscow." Hardly raise the plane in the air, pilots had to make an emergency landing. Since landing in the big problem with the tires, we can say that the fact that none of the passengers and crew members

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Slavic FACTS


Julian Assange on espionage opportunities Google and Facebook

Facebook — it's the most disgusting spy mechanism ever invented. This is the most comprehensive database about people, their relationships, names, addresses, location and communication with each other. And all of this is in the United States, all accessible to American intelligence.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo — all these major U.S. companies have built-in interfaces for U.S. intelligence. Which courts and human rights? Exploration works directly. The owners of social networks — the people business. They are expensive to fight in the courts and with the exploration, and each time the merge information for a single user. So

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Children will take with housing

The bill to remove children from families without any court accepted in Godume.

The loud cries of the law on insulting religious feelings in the Duma gradually take the law № 42197-6 on social patronage that would allow the state to take away children from any parent (for example, under the pretext of poor emotional climate in the family that is expressed in the wrong baby pictures that will decode a special psychologist) .

And the children will take with housing, as specifically stated in the law (legal support for the child's home). Then double profit for the officials. First,

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Russia reborn! Sergei Shelomentsev (teacher of military culture) about the revival of Russia

Trehlebov of Planet X — Nibiru

Rothschilds against Gaddafi

Scottish key (on the history of Freemasonry)

Hypothesis hydride Earth


A documentary film about the hypothesis initially hydride ground, a special state of matter that forms the core of our planet. The author is a native geologist V. Larin.

America has risen! Answer than the government? Plastic coffins? ..

Front-page news agencies headlines attesting to the unprecedented unrest in the U.S.: the masses into motion, led by despair and hopelessness. But is that all of them?

Not worth it for an All-American riots invisible puppeteers, whose task is to create a situation and threats to national security on a national scale? If so, the program will supply the state with plastic coffins and built a huge number of places of detention (read — the concentration camps) across America becomes quite tangible extension. And very ominous, because it could be the beginning of the

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