On the way of the Gentiles do not go


Forum Friends: WEEK memory of ancestors

In memory of those who died were assigned a week — Week of the memory of ancestors. Therefore, we have after Christmas Carols in a while there comes the memory of ancestors Week — 9 days commemorates all his ancestors, all their ancestors. But while people celebrated that met the living and the feasts celebrated by ancestors murdered and missing that those who did not return, and in general for all of your ancestors, Perun at the time what he was doing? And he went all this undead evil forces destroyed. Menard ie hence the word: MENA. Description of

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Family Life Seminar (Trehlebov, Globa)

Workshop "Family Life — BASIS OF HAPPINESS men and women" (Presenter: Trehlebov A., Globa IA)



C June 10 to June 17, 2012 in Moscow include seminars and workshops, which will Vseslav Globa: 10.06 — 12.06 Workshop "Family Life — BASIS OF HAPPINESS men and women" 16.06 — 17.06 The psychological self-knowledge and self-training "gates to the joy"

Martial Arts of Shaolin

Fans of martial arts!

Taran U.S. warships, ships of the USSR


So today declare war

It does not seem to declare war. But in an age of utter lies, everything happens so.

The six Gulf states have recognized the Syrian opposition coalition official representative of the people of Syria, eliminating barriers to supply arms to rebels. It is reported that the coalition will form the so-called "government in exile", which will be supported by the West and the Arab States. However, experts believe that the events in Syria can now go the Libyan scenario, the correspondent Paula Slier RT.

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Ancient pyramid found in Etruscan Italy — VIDEO

A team of researchers led by David George of St. Anselm College, USA and Claudio Bitstsarri from local archaeological park found in Italy Etruscan underground pyramid. This is the first ancient pyramids that are found in Italy, the pyramids are located near the town of Orvieto. As reported by David George and Claudio Bitstsarri — currently investigated only the upper part of the pyramid, which was rebuilt in the 20th century under the wine cellar. In the Italian pyramid archaeologists found a series of steps carved into the wall, and several tunnels characteristic of the pyramids. The excavation near the

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Attempt to storm the House of Government in Minsk

Dying childs last wish

Ancestral Heritage. Vseslav Globa: Answers to questions

Tell us about the holiday Kupala. Accompanied him as our ancestors?

How to create a home birth Altar and how to interact with it?

Why Ramhu call God? Is there a difference between Rod and Ramhoy?


Does the law of Karma in the demonic beings?


What to expect from 2012? What to do first?


Do I have to follow their desires? Are they our mission?


What is the image

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