Americans fled the United States to Russia to learn the truth about the American government and politics

Dissatisfied with the political system of their home country former U.S. Embassy in Moscow decided to change nationality to Russian.

Jewish wisdom

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Prohibited on TV speech Zadornov (excerpt)

Half of Russians gags packed lunch at work

Half of Russians prefer snacking at work or while studying the pies and cakes, and a large part of the Russians to spend on snacks at least $ 100, according to a survey conducted by research holding "Romir", RIA Novosti reported.

So, snacking cakes, pies and pastries prefer 50% of those polled, yoghurt and curds take with you to work 30%, even 28% — chocolate and other sweets. Only 20% of Russians prefer snacking fruit, and only 6% — nuts. Fast food are suitable for 17% of workers prefer sandwiches 14% of Russians, intermediate — 12% of those polled. As

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The ancestral home of mankind


The significance of the Caucasus

U.S. Stratfor analytical agency of the importance of the Caucasus. Stratfor services are the Pentagon and U.S. government agencies.

About the most important in life (William Pierce)

The video has the material of Dr. William Pierce's "The Big Picture: Our plight in several common strokes» (The Big Picture: A Bare-Bones Outline of Our Present Predicament) April 15, 1996.

Religious implant

Crowd effect 2/2 Manage and Conquer

Manage and conquer. Part 2. Reveals the mechanisms by which the crowd manipulators make unsuspecting people do things without realizing they report.


New home for abandoned losyat

Animal head of the family found a few days ago in the woods.

Man held with losyatami almost all day. When he realized that moose appears (perhaps with her in trouble), I decided to save the babies. After consulting with his wife, took losyat to his site.

Environmental organizations have already checked the conditions of detention and the kids happy. Once losyata learn to eat independently, they will be sent to live in the Bialowieza Forest.

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