What happened to Skype?

Have law enforcement to listen Skype? — A question which is raised from the beginning of the week, almost all online publications. The source for the discussion was an article on the website Slate.com, which refers to the fact that the new laws "of observation" in the U.S. and Australia require manufacturers online chats leave backdoors for audio conversations. As an example of the long resisted service is Skype as having reliable encryption system, including also because Skype voice traffic is not transmitted on a single channel, and on a distributed network of user machines. In this

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Magic words Rusov


Wave battle. Seminar YV Fedina

Wave combat system developed by Yuri Viktorovich Fedin yourself. Talk about how that "ripped off" abound. Urged to read and make their own conclusions. My only comment is that such a transfer of energy workshop wave hit you rarely see.

As far as I know, it was an attempt to officially register this battle system. Nothing came of it. He did not pass validation. In connection with this system is referred to non-recourse technique throwing knives from any distance. Videos from a network attached.

Sport: Dogfight Members: Yu.V.Fedin and seminar participants Duration: 1ch13min

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Wonders of the Universe (BBC)

DNA — field structure



Deceived by science. Violently happy — VIDEO

Some scholars assert that each carries the gene responsible for how his fate, whether he is happy or, conversely, his life becomes a chain of suffering … How can you tell someone what fate awaits? How to learn to manage this mysterious gene?




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Society of total control

After signing the bill last month, allowing the U.S. National Security Agency based on the total order to monitor any man, the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice, in which he demanded to clarify the rules that govern the FBI, deciding on surveillance. Ministry of Justice response consisted of more than a hundred pages Occupied material is a black sheet of paper. More tells RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan.


Russian: ABCs and sensational

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