Military Secret (Ether 03/19/2012)

01. The truth about the U.S. Army special operations in Afghanistan. 02. Batman for the Navy. 03. Grenades for the battle: the latest development of American designers. 04. Declassified century: the secret special operations GRU. 05. Scientists have discovered a unique underwater city. 06. Tank duel. 07. Alexander the Great: The Life and Death of a great commander. 08. Are we alone in the universe? 09. All the secrets of combat knives. 10. Tremors: the collision of continents threatens mankind?

Songs of White Russia. Yes Syadzela Kupallya On Plotsі

Edge "Lіtsvіny"

Day of God elevated

GOD elevated — the patron god of the universe in the Navi Light Worlds, ie in the worlds of fame. Caring and mighty Father God Svarog. Fair judge to resolve any disputes that arise between the Gods of various world between people.

He patronized Mnogomudrym our ancestors in their quest to progress on the Path of Spiritual Development and Perfection, and protects all Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings when they walk in the footsteps of his great ancestor, Vyshen God is God the patron of the Hall of Finist Svarog Circle.

Vyshen strict with those who seek

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About Russian. Prefix Bes

The more primitive language, the primitive human mind, the more primitive the person becomes and the easier to manage so.

Prior to 1917, studied in Russia alphabet letters with meaning: As (I), Buki (letters), Lead (the Veda), Verb, Good, Is, Life …

Communards, seized power in Russia, closed this information, and began to teach the alphabet letters without meaning. Simply: a, b, c, d, e and all. Cleaned and closed meaning. Today, people in all the CIS do not understand why the word is so and not otherwise. Take a dictionary and spelling out the word rewrite thoughtlessly. But

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Alexander Lukashenko — the truth against falsehood


New information on-2012. Sergei Apin

Pyramid — what is being hidden ..

Around the world are building pyramids. When and who built them is a mystery. The film with the Goole Map isleduet their deviation coordinate Szoke, and leads the displacement history of the North Pole. This way you can find out which of the oldest pyramids in the world.

Bible in Russian from M. Zadornov

Minsk residents breathe clean air

MINSK, June 22. According to the study, this year the proportion of air samples in Minsk from exceeding the maximum one-time maximum allowable concentrations of less than 3%. The quality of the air in the capital of Belarus told the head of the Minsk city center of hygiene and epidemiology, the Chief Medical Officer Ivan Wojtowicz Minsk, BelTA has learned.

"The share of air, in which there is excess, — less than 3%. Compared to other large cities it's a good picture, "- said Wojtowicz. However, he drew attention to the fact that the city has a territory,

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Nikolai Emelin — Russia!

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