Time machine?! Experiments with Time (DTV, 2010, detail)

Another Babylonian ziggurat, which became a symbol of the Soviet

In the left corner of the symbol of the socialist era — VE Tatlin Tower

400-meter tower, a monument to the October Revolution, was conceived as a symbol of the reunification of mankind, the split in the construction of the Tower of Babel. It was to be a bridge between heaven and earth, the architectural embodiment of the world tree, and housing wise. Iron grandiose monument was designed for the higher world of the worker-peasant government (Comintern), which offers accommodation in this seven-rotating structure. A special system of projectors would have to design a light text on a

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Hardening of children and adults through the elements of nature. Raising children in the Slavic tradition




A fresh look at the cosmos

Space owes its appearance to the political ambitions of superpowers, huge resources just drop into the void, just to enhance national prestige.

But in spite of half a century of presence in space, space programs are still in effect propaganda and scientific. Real space industrialization is only due to the growth of commercial satellite constellation, but one can not explore the space satellites.

The plans of space agencies for the next decade does not provide anything new, despite the strengthening of the space industry, the emergence of new technologies and trends.

The alternative scenario of space development, providing for

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Sergei Shatokhin: Climatic terrible nuclear weapons

Sergei Shatokhin

A conversation with a famous scientist and public figure on development and application of the most formidable weapons of mass destruction.

— Sergey A., April 10, the television channel NTV was broadcast "confession" to your participation on the problems of the so-called climate of weapons.

The fact of coverage by one of the central channels is welcome, but, as it turned out, quite a serious part of what you said to correspondents was not included in the transfer. Whether your thoughts are considered too categorical, or the program itself is not empowered to provide views. Well,

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Description Crecy

CRES — the most ancient and powerful symbol of the divine world order and control life, heaven, earth, bread and butter. The word "Cres", translated from the ancient language means "fire", and not just the fire, and fire magic, priestly, that is holy. Wearing protective sign of the divine gives man not only strength and power from above, makes one visible to the highest saviors. And if a person wears the Crecy, he is dressed in a fiery illustrious, sacred armor that covers him and rescues in our real life. Kresy — it is truly miraculous signs. In the

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Five secret military operations that can blow up the brain

The Cold War was a crazy time: in the global confrontation involved crafty penguins and the mighty polar bears, walruses and huge flocks of countless armada of whales, seals, albatrosses and killer …

Fetched, you say?

Well, the Cold War was a period of acute geopolitical tensions between the two superpowers, which is expressed mainly through political maneuvering and creating indirect threats. Boring, is not it? Let's take a better look at the most effective way to destroy a penguin bare hands. First we need to grab a penguin hands above and below the beak, and then

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Vedic account the multidimensional worlds

In ancient times, the Slavs have always known that the world is multi-dimensional, as the knowledge obtained from the Vedas. Think of Alexander Pushkin's "Ruslan and Lyudmila":

"A green oak, a golden chain on the oak …

There miracles there goblin wanders mermaid sitting on the branches. "

Why would it suddenly with a fish tail mermaid sitting on a tree? Not about whether the intersection of two parallel worlds, it says here?

In the Vedas, we can find the answer to this question.

It turns out, used to be a 4 "subsistence": Reality, law, Nav, glory. Now we have

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The way of Vedic Estates

DELENI classes in Vedic society was caused only by the fact that different social groups perform different functional obyazannosti.No society representing a single, smoothly running system, because the Vedas say that all living beings are of equal value, equal area. Academy is not only a porter, and a housewife is the President, and every living creature that has received any body of the material world from God to man, a sparrow or a worm, still need in the universal harmony and performs its functions, in accordance with their qualities. Inplace so the material world all living beings,

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Basics of the inner teachings of the Slavs and Aryans. Acquisition of self-consciousness and mind control

Acquisition of self-awareness and control of the mind. Practical techniques used by Slavs to human development in our world, we will explicitly consider mainly on the experience of the Cossacks Kharakternyky. So what kind of people — characterniki? What distinguishes them from mere mortals? "Kharakternyky" in the old days was called the Cossacks have superpowers and living in the wild unexplored edges so-called "Wild Field". Characterniki perfectly knew the device and the possibilities of human biocomputer. They are easy to control your body and soul, creating in them new and improved program. Also could crack the defense of any hostile

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