Magicians in uniform

Prepared for printing the book sensation of parapsychological research in the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense of the USSR

In the U.S. declassified one of the most mysterious military programs of the last century. About twenty years the CIA and DIA — Defense Intelligence Agency — held intensive research in the field of combat parapsychology. Almost at the same time, similar work was carried out at the Ministry of Defence. And they, too, were top secret.

1. "Stargate"

The controversy around the concept of "parapsychology" go for decades. What it is: a real phenomenon, the result of

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Churchill and Roosevelt of any Holocaust never heard

The collection of documents from the series "Secrets of History" "The Secret letters of Roosevelt and Churchill during the war" (Ed. Lounheyma Francis L., Harold D. Langley, Manfred Jonas. Transl. From English. Moscow "Terra", 1995), collected in 1700 messages (548 documents) exchanged between the two leaders during the Second World War. Of these issues are addressed in a matter of Jewish writing, for example, Churchill, August 23, 1944 according to Roosevelt that the pressure head of the World Zionist Organization, Chaim Weizmann decided to establish Jewish units in the British Army.

Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt

July 8 Roosevelt

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Vedic Russian alphabet. Alphabet Shining Light

"Spiritual Council of Holy Russia, Russia," given a lot in the light of Vedic Knowledge of the Faith, said together with the Group Intelligence Light, the story of the Russian language, his writing is calculated long before the Tower of Babel, which was nothing but a manifestation of the clash of good and the forces of Light Evil forces of darkness. For, starting the conversion was Russian letters form a word for God, and the Word was with KIND, gave the Russian soul to keep the Light of the Trinity Universe with Vedic truism plan Triune Universe … shows how

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