People continue to look for the answer to the mysteries of Easter Island

April 16, 2012 7:41

Two hundred and ninety years ago, was discovered Easter Island. Europeans landed on it the first day of Passover week, hence the name. This — the most remote from inhabited land plot of land — to the nearest mainland — almost four thousand kilometers. But not only that attracts researchers: from the opening, and still keeps the island's secrets. Tried to guess their correspondents "more" by visiting the mysterious Easter Island. These mysterious statues Dutch explorers saw on Easter Sunday one thousand seven hundred and twenty-two. So on the charts came to Easter

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Time Travel: The Curious Rupee

April 8, 2012 22:14

In recent years, one of the most attractive countries for tourism has become a mysterious India. All seek to bring out the colorful figures with images of the Buddha or elephant incense, national clothing, hookahs, exotic jewelry and spices. The only thing that the traveler will not be able to pick up a souvenir — is Indian money, the rupee.

It is possible that cunning numismatists have repeatedly transgressed the law and taken away in the bins of his hiking bags rustling and rattling these symbols of India. However pious travelers should know: despite the fact

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Shamanic prophecy XXI century

April 2, 2012 11:19

Soothsayers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their prophecy is cause for deep reflection on life, for others it was just an opportunity to satisfy his curiosity, well, and still others do not want to hear or are too skeptical. But whatever criticisms have not undergone the prophecy, the fact remains — many of them are already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world of change, many more are to come true in the near future …

There are a number of global predictions point

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UFO pilots — the neighbors on the planet

March 29, 2012 17:54

According to common belief, the man is the crown of creation, and has no rivals in the level of consciousness and intelligence. However, at all times, this paradigm opposed assertion based on the everyday experience of mankind, that people may assigned a secondary role, they are only a part of the unknown, of which it is not lawful to know. Gradually, and this little bit of knowledge about the existence of a different but related race with a phenomenal intellect and psychic powers were reduced to the level of myth. But as you know, there is

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South — African shaman and aliens

November 11, 2011 0:47

It would seem that interesting things can tell you about the aliens African shaman? — Turns out, it is not enough … In an interview that took Rick Martin (Rick Martin) at the famous South African shaman Credo Mutwa (Credo Mutwa), along with a curious historical information Africans Zulu about their contacts with the aliens, are also his personal memories of the abduction experience in youth. (During an interview with Credo Mutwa was nearly eighty). Says Credo Mutwa, many African tribes believe that their ancestors came from the sky. As for the Zulu people in South

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Nature. Magic flame poles

March 23, 2012 15:41

Northern Lights, is mainly observed in the polar regions of our planet — the sight fascinating. in the frost that "bleaches" is a natural phenomenon, it is waving in the wind like huge white curtains. if the same phenomenon starts glowing multicolored, begins to overflow the blue-green with a splash splashes of pink and red — any fireworks "rest." It seems that in the sky dance languages bright magical flame. Distance from the eye conceals the scale of what is happening: each of the fire belt, which then turns a woven, patterned cloth, then quickly

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Bald Mountain: door to alien worlds

March 20, 2012 15:52


In one of the Kiev newspaper published an article Raokrioma (with his travel notes on a pilgrimage to the holy places of Spain readers "TD" recently had the opportunity to meet) and Rati — "The Mystery of the 13th of Thunder." It talks about the mystical mysteries associated with one of the most famous Ukrainian places "power" — Kiev Bald Mountain.

Here, according to the authors, there is an unseen battle between the forces of darkness and the thirteenth of thunder. According to the ancient traditions of magic, thunder and lightning —

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Warlocks in Udmurtia in favor

March 13, 2012 7:41

Almost every village of the republic live sorcerers, healers and witch.


The Volga preserved many ancient pagan traditions of Finno-Ugric peoples. Over the centuries, many Europeans have lost them, Udmurt have managed to save. This also applies to an area such as the hidden knowledge.

On the Udmurt wizards are legendary, though their power is so great that they can punish the villain, to find missing, connect quarreling spouses, cure any ailment. So that there is a sorcerer! In Udmurtia, is that almost every villager has magic. In any case, each

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Catherine II on the throne saw death

March 6, 2012 10:54

Catherine II became empress and rules so well that rightfully earned the title of Catherine the Great

April 21, 1729 in the remote town at the time Stettin (Prussia) in the family unremarkable 44-year-old Prince Christian Augustus, who became famous for a dedicated service to the King of Prussia, and the 18-year-old Holstein-Gottorp, Princess Johanna Elizabeth was born a girl, named Sophia Frederica Augusta, Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst. That this girl was destined to become the future of the great Russian empress — Catherine the Great.

Sofiy fate as many German princesses, determined not her

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Mages rule the world?

February 7, 2012 16:09

The myth of the existence of the secret government that rules the world, is still only circumstantial evidence. But one thing is certainly — from the earliest times, the political history of mankind has been under the control of people who had a magical gift.

Great Teachers

In the East, in one form or another there legends about certain teachers or mentors, standing at the highest levels of spiritual or magical initiation.

For example, Taoists worship eight magicians hsien, who they believed to have lived in the mountains. Being immortal, Xian and had supernatural

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