Gift tradition

January 5, 2012 0:01

Recently, for the psychological prophylaxis and hygiene, maintaining physical and mental health becoming widely used non-drug methods, based on the extensive experience of traditional gyms East and West.

Among them occupy a worthy place Slavic methods that are more and more acceptance in our society. Slavic health practices based on deep traditions, can be considered as a type of so-called body-oriented psychotherapy, impacting on the human psyche through his body. According to the theoretical principles of body-oriented psychotherapy, mental tension, stress and anxiety are expressed in muscle clamps and locks. They removed one way or

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Embryo in Ancient India

February 23, 2013 0:01

2500 years ago the gods in ancient India made transplant embryos. This is stated in the traditions of Jainism.

In India, the "country of a thousand gods" in ancient temples and books, there is a mass of traces showing the work of aliens. Another found a trail veterinarian Dr. Wolfgang Lampeter of Wasserburg. In the tradition of Jainism, he found the description of embryo transfer.

According to legend, the gods decided that one of them should go to Earth to start a new religion. For this mission was chosen god Mahavira, which took

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National Geographic: Lost Kingdom of Tibet

January 19, 2013 21:33

Journey to Mustang ethnic region of Tibet. This is an area lamaiskogo Buddhism, where more preserved centuries-old traditions, ways of life and customs of indigenous Tibetans. We are waiting for the rare shooting acquaintance with yogis, lamas, Buddhist.

In this documentary film follows the journey to one of the most secretive and mysterious Tibetan kingdoms — the kingdom of Mustang. Travel, like a dream, a fairy tale, a period during which the audience will learn amazing things about a country where people do not know the wheel where time stands

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They came from 40,000 years ago .. nowhere!

December 24, 2011 1:39

Scientists still can not clearly explain the phenomenon of the appearance of Cro-Magnon man on the planet — modern humans. It really is a mystery: rather low-browed Neanderthal brutalize 40,000 years ago something unexpected, "suddenly" came to dwell in caves perfectly piled high with gorgeous handsome skull that would be envied and Socrates. Where did these people? ..

Scientific sensation was the study of the genetic code of Neanderthals: it appears that it has very little to do with the genetic code of the modern (Cro-Magnon) man. This discovery is quite confusing evolutionary theory, according to

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History of Santa Claus

December 23, 2011 18:47

Father Frost (Frost) — a powerful Russian pagan God character of Russian legends, Slavic legends — the personification of Russian winter frosts, a blacksmith, a chilling ice water, generously showered winter nature snow sparkling silver, giving joy of winter festivities, and, where appropriate, in a heavy hour protect Russian from advancing enemies frozen into the ice hitherto unprecedented winter chill, from which begins to break down iron.

Under the influence of Christianity, brutally and bloodily fought with Slavic paganism, the original image was distorted Snow Grandfather (and all other Slavic gods), and Jack Frost came

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Shamanic prophecy XXI century

December 23, 2011 18:05

Soothsayers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their prophecy is cause for deep reflection on life, for others it was just an opportunity to satisfy his curiosity, well, and still others do not want to hear or are too skeptical. But whatever criticisms have not undergone the prophecy, the fact remains — many of them are already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world of change, many more are to come true in the near future …

There are a number of global

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Witches Spell

December 20, 2011 23:48

Writing fast disappearing traditions and Sunday Island, in 1880 folklorist Walter Dennison Treill documented ritual, which was carried out potential witches to awaken their magical powers.

He described in detail the ritual in which witches were committed to the Dark. First, the witch had to wait for a full moon. At midnight, she had to come to a deserted beach, turn around three times widdershins and lie on the sand, exposing at low tide. Then it must extend hands and feet, put them next to the stones, and three stone on the head, the

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Children of the Gods

December 19, 2011 0:02

The origin of man on the planet — it's a big mystery, in a dispute about which scholars, researchers have broken a lot of copies. There are several major theories about the origin of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens sapiens) and weight of their different varieties of hypotheses, some of them quite fantastic.

Very interesting hypothesis historian, writer Yuri Dmitrievich Petukhov (1951 — 2009), which he described in his paper "superethnoi Russes from mutants to Man. Sverhevolyutsiya and Supreme Intelligence of the Universe. " The author was a proponent of the theory that the Russes

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Riddle of the Phaistos Disk

December 19, 2011 0:36

Famous Phaistos disc with the printed signs of unknown letters

Crete since the XV century attracted travelers for its ancient buildings, located in different parts of it. The first archaeological excavations were carried out here in 1876 by the Spanish consul M. Kalokerinosom.

He unearthed near the city of Heraklion ruins of this building. American scientist W. Stilmen studied them in 1881. This was the famous Labyrinth. Since 1884 the island began working Italian expedition of archaeologists who have done a lot of discoveries. After the liberation of the island of Crete in

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Mysterious creatures — brownies

December 16, 2011 15:18

In the popular mind has long lived about the essence of staying close to the invisible man. People are always subdivided these beings into good and evil, some careful, other tried to make contact, to enlist their support and help. Most of the natural spirits — they are creatures of the astral world, and one of them, a man who was still able to communicate so far — it houses.

The word house appeared in Russia in the 17th century. However representation of the spirit of the yard and the house, similar

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