Lost civilization of the past. Atlanta, the Giants. Giants, dwarfs. Lemuria, Pangaea

November 20, 2011 0:24

In the mid-seventies, after reading the work A.A.Gorbovskogo that many thousands of years ago, there was an advanced civilization, who died as a result of the flood, I was literally stunned. Reading and re-reading his book "The Mystery of the Ancient civilizations," I opened it all the new details of the former power of the ancients, though it was unclear how a meteorite, though a giant, fallen into the ocean, can completely destroy the culture of the entire planet. Because people in the end, always restore all destruction and annihilation. Something was wrong. Maybe, I

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Wonders of the world. Fanis and his kingdom one-armed

November 16, 2011 20:24

In the world of legends dolomite has a history of Spina de Mul, insidious and dangerous wizard, takes a frightening image of half-rotten formula and have miraculous radiant stone. Another legend tells of a king who ruled a mighty fabulous state Fanis that high in the Rocky Mountains, and at war with neighboring tribes. He had an ally — the one-armed tribe, who immediately came to the rescue, putting on the clothes of eagles. That these traditions: pure fantasy or historical facts? About what time narrate the ancient legend? Was all this for real? Prehistoric

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Swastika: Myths and Realities

November 16, 2011 23:36

The photo was taken the U.S. Hubble telescope. Photo courtesy of the staff Arkhyz Observatory

"… The fact that the star, it is not … rotation. All its rays emanate from a single center, but never meet each other. They go to infinity. Roughly speaking, it is a symbol of individualism … The swastika is no individualism, there is the principle of collectivism. That is, here are the hooks, that these branches, they move, duplicate, one another. They show the rotation. They show that individualism — is illusory ideology, we all depend on each

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2500 years ago the gods in ancient India produced embryo transplant

November 9, 2011 18:02

2500 years ago the gods in ancient India made transplant embryos. This is stated in the traditions of Jainism.

In India, the "country of a thousand gods" in ancient temples and books, there is a mass of traces showing the work of aliens. Another found a trail veterinarian Dr. Wolfgang Lampeter of Wasserburg. In the tradition of Jainism, he found the description of embryo transfer.

According to legend, the gods decided that one of them should go to Earth to start a new religion. For this mission was chosen god Mahavira, which took the

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Matter or consciousness?

November 8, 2011 5:18

If we are sufficiently long and continuously deduct the same desire by repeatedly staging before the universe of the same issue, we modify the quantum probability of the event

When Albert Einstein was a boy, he asked himself: "What if I go on a bike with the speed of light and turn on the lamp, it will shine?" Trying to find a solution to the problem in front of him as a child, he came to the theory of relativity in the youth . Einstein's theory has shaken the foundations of classical Newtonian physics.

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How to change the situation through laughter?

November 7, 2011 16:37

Leo Rusov "Buffoons"

Article focuses on opportunities to influence the fate of the energy of laughter. Incredible discovery scientists and ancient knowledge. Technique shamans and Heyoka. Laughter cures impotence. All of this in this post — read on!

What do we know about laughter? This is a reaction to the non-standard, unusual situations, words and even thoughts or memories of them. Is it surprising? There is a reason to smile. In laughter there are 16 groups of muscles are highlighted various alkaloids that cause the rise tone. Changing power of the body and mind.

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Pagan magic always protected our ancestors

November 7, 2011 1:54

What do we know about their ancestors — the ancient Slavic pagan? Descriptions of their cultural traditions can be found in the historical literature. Much less is known about the secret knowledge and magic rituals that were practiced by them for centuries. In paganism his followers saw the pledge of freedom. One of the first precepts of traditional beliefs read, or on a rack or on the block is not recognized in the essence of faith. Why should the nations not disclose "details" of their religion? Yes, for the same reason that there are many secret

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Swab — Bath house

October 31, 2011 19:04

This program will talk about Russian devotion associated with a very dangerous and insidious evil — the devil with a bath. Eastern Slavs believed that the bath nests particularly wicked evil spirit that can bring people to death, and therefore bath building built for the sake of purity, is the place to be unclean, bad, bad to be entered in the solitude. But first things first.

Bath has always been of great importance for the Slavs, and has to this day. This is one of the best preserved traditions. Many people who have their own

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Demons in the dogs skin

October 30, 2011 13:00

Mentally balanced, sober police chudilis monsters in a dog's skin? Chudilis so clearly, that the captain has even opened fire on the dogs to kill

Folklore of the Russian province a long time, so to speak, preferred phenomenon over the mysterious — the so-called demons in dog shape.

And, if you believe the Church chronicles the monastery's favorite place of fierce black dogs the size of a calf, with a blood-red, disproportionately large eyes are defiled, abandoned churches, cemeteries, exclusively for the burial of suicides.

Ignatius Savateev, novitiate, in 1756, torn by these

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Dictionary Veshchunov, witches and sorcerers

October 31, 2011 0:29


Baba Yaga — Bone Leg (IDE) — in Slavic mythology-old forest witch, witch, witch, dressed vortices and blizzards and, by its very name mate with the serpent. Baba Yaga — originally ancestor, very positive ancient Slavic god of the pantheon, the guardian (if necessary — militant) the nature and traditions, kids and okolodomashnego (often forest area).

Baba Yaga owns a very important role in the national epics and legends of the Slavic tribes. She lives in a dense forest in a hut on chicken legs, which turns his back to the forest, and the

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