UFO in medieval paintings

December 23, 2012 21:45

These paintings are often used as evidence to bring visiting aliens in medieval and earlier times.

There are a lot of medieval paintings, which clearly shows the UFO. But perhaps unfortunately, all these pictures are of direct and historical explanation.

Here is a medieval painting "Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist", which spotted two UFOs. In the left corner of the painting depicts a mysterious flying object that seemed to release themselves from the three sites are smaller. And in the right corner of the painting depicts plaque object hovering in the sky and

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How was Atlantis?

December 22, 2012 21:37

There are few topics that would be paid through the ages as much attention as the legendary Atlantis. Of its existence and death expressed a variety of assumptions.

Off the coast of Cuba, a large city on the Bermuda Triangle Robotic submarines found several sphinxes, pyramids and four other buildings. Photo: indarnb.ru

Many researchers have argued that this mysterious land was in the Mediterranean (Santorini and Crete, Malta, and Corsica, as well as its the coast of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula), others — that the islands in the Atlantic or in

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The remains of ancient creatures with elongated skulls found in Mexico

December 18, 2012 0:42

Mexican experts have discovered an ancient cemetery, age thousands of years in the state of Sonora. Burial have some special features that have never been seen before in this region and in the whole area of influence of Mesoamerican peoples, say archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Just 300 meters from the village Onavas (Onavas), in southern Sonora, there was an open area of graves. It was the first Prehispanic cemetery with burials of this state, consisting of the remains of 25 people, 13 of which have deformation of the skull,

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Great migration of aliens from Sirius

December 17, 2012 6:00

Tradition African Dogon tribe talk about moving their ancestors to Earth from the Sirius star system and arrival to Earth creatures "in swivel ark." Such stories have in other nations, but to discover the amazing astronomical knowledge of the tribe, lost in Africa, have never …

Dogon possess knowledge about the universe and the "spiral worlds" of the solar system, the star system of Sirius, and much more. Caste of priests ("olubaru") keep them for many thousands of years, learning by heart, passing from generation to generation. Dogonskim priests know that around Sirius A (hereinafter

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Alviyskaya theory

November 18, 2012 2:57

Terminology: Elves = kvendi — born humanoid creatures inhuman nature, have conditionally independent existence in the second world (Arda) and being present in the primary world (Earth), only in the form of Quenya.

From Alva related only linguistically, due to confusion, unwittingly created profiles. Tolkien, incorrectly used the term "elves" to translate the word "kvendi" into English. Alva — the human race, which is characterized by the following racial traits: asthenic physique, pointed shape of the ears and significantly increased compared to the average human life span. The area of the original settlement —

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