Incredible UFO footage crossing asteroid way DA14

February 22, 2013 4:01

Parallel world. Issue 28

June 4, 2012 17:39

What is NLP and what they — tips for every day? Have nightmares? How to make the arms of Morpheus only pleasant? How much women's honor, and who pays for it? Is it possible to fool a lie detector?

Electric boy died from water

May 29, 2012 7:23

Until recently, the family Borodins living in Engels's Saratov region, grew unique child. 5-year-old Bogdan felt electric shocks and could easily touch the exposed wires.

Extraordinary abilities with his youngest son, Elena Borodina said after the accident, which occurred with the older child.

— Senior Sergey growing restless. One day he was walking down the street and got into the transformer vault, which is near our house — told mom "elektromalchika." — His strong electric shock. He stood in the box and could not get out, he was shaking.

At this

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Mysterious flute at the Moscow Cemetery

May 24, 2012 23:05

In the east of Moscow in the old Lefort has Vvedenskoe cemetery. Used to be called the German, as it was originally buried the inhabitants of German settlement. In general, it has become the last refuge for people not primarily the Orthodox faith — Catholics, Lutherans. Obviously, this place has become over time, their mythology.

The first burial in Lefortovo began to appear as early as 1771, when the area came to a plague epidemic. The name for the cemetery was given Vvedensky mountains, still referred Lefortovo hill, located on the left bank of the

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Secret area. Secrets of the lunar maria

February 1, 2013 21:42

Space Day stories — False mind

May 8, 2012 20:30

The brain tells us that the sky is blue, foliage green, rainbow colored. Scientists have recently made an incredible discovery — the brain's lying to us. But why did he cheat?

Movie: I, or the last illusion

March 13, 2012 21:03

Too often, people forget, and some even did never know that they do not have a body. But to think in terms of "I am the body" — a road to nowhere. Whatever good you're doing in the way of development — you'll stand still, because you'll develop a mere illusion. This is the same as the water drawn seed — it does not grow, you need to water the seed of the real, but it is capable of outgrowth in flower. This film will help you to literally "sober up" from the

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See your eyes closed? It is possible!

April 7, 2012 7:48

Chelyabinsk schoolgirl learned to look at the world through the eyes closed — even through tight bandage she clearly sees things and people. Unusual abilities helped her develop an aunt, previously finished school psychic.

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Secret Space. Bakht. Heavenly gods

January 13, 2012 17:04

Amazing natural phenomenon

April 12, 2012 14:27

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