UFO over Italy

October 22, 2011 17:27

The electric field caused fluid petrify

October 17, 2011 13:00

Physics made solidify liquid with an electric field. Under the influence of sufficiently high electric fields drop certain liquids can solidify. Under the conditions of temperature and pressure, the liquid state of matter begin to form solid crystals. Such a transformation, called electrocrystallization demonstrated scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology. The experiment succeeded to a strong electric field to cause a phase transition without changing the thermodynamic parameters. The new study is based on the work of Geoffrey Taylor, who in 1964 described the transformation of spherical droplets of water in the needle during the passage

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Stone ducklings were older than Stonehenge

October 6, 2011 11:03

Landmarks Stonehenge, constructed more than 3000 years BC now ceased to be the oldest historical monument in England.

British archaeologists have discovered two stone artefacts, shaped like ducks, which, according to scientists, Stonehenge over a few thousand years, writes British newspaper Daily Mail.

Opening team of scientists from the British Open University can turn our understanding of Stonehenge — the oldest architectural monument in England. At least for the moment. This week, archaeologists discovered near Stonehenge huge landfill, where the bones of more than 100 people have been found remains of tours —

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Mysteries of History. Aliens, and Golden Temple

January 7, 2013 5:37

Mysterious mummy China

December 3, 2011 19:33

1000 years before any relations were established between the East and the West, hundreds of human mummies were published in the Chinese desert. National Geographic reveals the secrets to an ancient burial of human remains in northern China. Where were these people, superficially similar to the European race? Why were they buried in China? As they were tools that did not exist at that time in any part of the world, and what was their earthly mission?

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UFOs and strange explosions at a film festival in Sacramento

3 January 2013 17:01

UFOs and strange "explosion" at the Film Festival in Sacramento, California, December 30, 2012.

Arch — stargate. Astroarheolog K. Bystrushkin. Chelyabinsk NEWS

December 27, 2012 2:41

Arkaim — ancient Aryans Observatory

Very interesting results of research known Russian astroarheologa K.K.Bystrushkina, which in 1990 was -91 researched Arkaim as an astronomical observatory. It describes itself Konstantin Arkaim — building not just difficult, but even sophisticated complex. In the study plan immediately revealed its similarity to the famous monument of Stonehenge in England. For example, the diameter of the inner circle of Arkaim indicated everywhere equal to 85 meters, in fact it is a ring with two radii — 40 and 43.2 meters. (Try to draw!) Meanwhile, the radius of the ring, "Aubrey holes"

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Solar halo observed in Moscow — VIDEO, PHOTOS

December 24, 2012 1:15

According to the Muscovites in the capital there was a strong solar halo.

Photo and video Eugenia Stifonovoy

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UFO fleet of 16 December 2012

December 19, 2012 0:13

UFO in Arizona

October 15, 2011 11:16

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