And the president believes in the magic of numbers

December 13, 2012 3:03

Taking the floor at 12 am, the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year, Putin began by saying that for the past 12 years has been done. But the country now need not to look back and look ahead.

Special Project: Titanic. Report from the world

December 7, 2012 7:45

The external world inside our brains

April 16, 2012 11:26

The aforementioned physical laws lead us to the undeniable conclusion that our visual, auditory, tactile, taste, smell, regarded by us as a "matter", "objective world" or "universe" — in fact, are just electrical signals through the bodies feelings in our brain and transforming it into images.

UFO in orbit of the ISS January 19, 2012

January 20, 2012 9:28

UFO over Belgium

November 16, 2011 7:44

Strange object in Primorye

November 15, 2012 18:54

November 11, 2012. Primor, the guerrilla zone. The red dot in the photo — this is the one big red moving star, which I tried to take a picture — says our reader, to send the photo. In this case, the object was moving transparent balls and that such discs. In one photograph he is right, and the red star in the center, on the other — the disc is high, on the left. The photos were taken at about 20:30. Transparent balls are scattered all over the field photographs. They are hard

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Secret Power: Who are the Archons

November 11, 2012 10:27

Archons — 12 members of a secret organization led by the 13th member of her head Ahriman (Abraxas or Satan), claiming to be a complete world domination. These are the people that are woven together in their lodges and secret societies, global capital, politics and religion, those who manages the world's bankers and who is behind them. This so-called leaders of the World Government.

The origin of the Archons

At various times, they were called differently. For example, one of the most influential circles Archons since ancient times known as "Freemasons". From the trunk grows

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Man — this is the energy of mindfulness

November 4, 2012 6:03

Man is composed of body, mind, and collective knowledge. 1. body — a combination of genetic, physical and mental characteristics. 2. mind — is the cognitive and analytical skills. The main function of the mind — to accumulate and organize knowledge and experience. 3. collective knowledge — a collection of all the knowledge accumulated in the history of mankind. Collective knowledge are "food" for the inquisitive mind of the individual.

So take up the …

At first glance it may seem that all of us — from birth have no choice, because no one has

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Nibiru, Moon, Fache Destroyer

November 4, 2012 2:56

For fans of the theories about Nibiru and skeptical people in the sky of our planet is amazing in its graphic proof of its (their) existence — the Moon.

As you know, the other side of the moon is never visible from Earth, but it is very interested in academics, because different from the visible. In particular, the visible part of the satellite of our planet is predominantly flat terrain — a giant square of solid lava, could easily be explained if the cold moon was a hot planet with liquid inside. Another

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In the Himalayas found perishing kingdom. PHOTO

November 1, 2012 22:15

Long hesitated to start this report on the Mustang (from Tibetan Mun Tan — fertile plain) administrative region of Nepal in the upper reaches of the river Kali Gandaki, Constantine writes Stogniy.

Currently, the Crown remained in the top Muctange called kingdom Lo. In fact, share experiences'd like there's no wheels, and people legally divided into castes. At the same time, these places are so "nezatselovannye" so protected that my report, getting it on the eyes heartless people inflame those who absolutely must "rospryagaty horses" and shouting "Tagil!" In Turkish hotels.

Not suppressing his fear

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