Northern Lights on August 6 in Canada


Northern lights over Mont Cosmos


Floods in Algeria claimed ten lives

Heavy rains in Algeria have resulted in a flood that killed ten people. In addition to the human toll, high water has caused the destruction of hundreds of buildings.

Brunt of the disaster was in the city of El Bayadh 700 kilometers south of the state capital. At the scene to destroy the bridge, the road washed out. Authorities have already announced another storm warning, the entire population are ordered to leave dangerous areas.

October — a month of heavy rains in Algeria. Occasionally they lead to serious flooding areas, RBC reports.

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Forest fire extinguished in the Volgograd region

Firefighters dismantled coniferous forest fire, which occurred on Saturday in the Volgograd region, the area of the fire was ten hectares, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS Russia in the region.

"The elimination of fire declared at 18.30 MSK. This was a ground fire, the dead and injured there," — said the source.

Message about the fire in the pine forest near Kalachevskaya of an area of about five hectares received by the remote operations duty officer at 15.24 MSK. The nearest town is six miles from the fire, the threat of the residents were not. At 17.00 MSK fire was

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Wind fells trees in Moscow and shields

MOE reports that over the weekend in the capital of the carousing strong wind.

MOE warns Moscow about high winds. In this regard, the rescuers recommend staying away from slaboukreplennyh designs. Wind, as promised, will sometimes so strong that can fell trees and demolish billboards.

Wind gusts predicted to reach 12-17 meters per second, according to RIA Novosti.

In Moscow, there are first victims of the hurricane: Vagankovskoye cemetery today old tree collapsed, crushing three people. Passers-called "fast", the victim first aid.

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Poland eliminates the effects of the hurricane and showers

Storms and tornadoes devastated the villages in central Poland. Hurricane broke hundreds of trees and destroyed dozens of homes in the Mazowieckie and Lodz. Discontinuities LEP inform firefighters. As reported by the regional authorities of the Republic, organized by the crisis headquarters. According to the TV channel TVN24, in the most affected regions has left Prime Minister Donald Tusk. In Łódź Province damaged about 130 homes, 40 of them lost their roofs, "corrupted line of high and low voltage. Wind felled trees. Fortunately, no casualties", — the press-secretary of the Provincial Fire commander in Lodz Arkadiusz Makovsky. Locals try

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East China fever outbreak

Numerous cases of hemorrhagic fever were recorded in the city of Qingdao in Shandong Province and its surroundings.

The disease has killed 13 people, an additional 249 people are infected. An acute shortage of vaccines. As reported by the Chinese media, the virus of the disease is mainly spread by rodents, in connection with the City Department of Health encourages residents to strengthen the fight against these animals, and do not pay more attention to food hygiene.

More than half of cases, according to the authorities, are residents of nearby villages. Among the common symptoms — redness and swelling of

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Shiveluch in Russia

Located in the north of Russia Shiveluch volcano began to be active, throwing out clouds of ash to a height of almost 10 kilometers. This event is taking place in the Far East, scientists said today. Shiveluch height is 3283 meters and its activity he started to show in May 2009, the clubs periodically spewing ash to a height of 3 to 10 km. According to the Far Eastern Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, strong eruption began at 5.59 am local time. The ash cloud spread to the east. And, if you want to see it, you only have to

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British authorities fear the death of ash trees in the country because the fungus

UK authorities intend to introduce a ban on the import of ash plants in the country to try to save this species of tree pathogenic fungus, which has already destroyed 90% of ash trees in Denmark, said the government's environmental department Defra.

"Sick fungus chalara fraxinea trees begin to lose their leaves and die. Such cases are already fixed in England, Scotland and parts of continental Europe. Ash seedlings, imported to the UK have been infected in European nurseries. Ban on imports of ash from Europe, as well as a ban on moving trees from infected areas of the UK

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North China fights with snowfall

Despite the fact that the heavy snowfalls are not considered rare in the northern part of China, but the storm that swept the region for several days in mid-November of this really worth considering. As the Weather Service, Heilongjiang Province, one morning in Hegane formed a layer of snow as thick as 50 cm, which has not happened for about 50 years in a row.

Of course, such a heavy snowfall could not help but reflect on the work of local highways, in many communities were broken under the weight of snow, wiring, damaged hundreds of public and

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The head of JPMorgan Chase escaped punishment for billions in losses

As the Associated Press retirement Jamie Dimon, CEO of the bank JPMorgan Chase, will not, because 60% of shareholders voted against. The dismissal was caused by the loss of more than $ 2 billion, in spite of this, only 40% of shareholders have expressed uphold the dismissal.

Moreover 91 shareholders decided that CEO bonuses to be paid in full. In this case, the banker receives from JPMorgan in the last year to 23 million dollars. CEO spoke at the meeting, apologized to shareholders with a promise not to repeat many of these errors, and also described the situation and

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