New exams for travelers

Until a few days ago, officials from the Russian Federation introduced a new law about the fact that all the foreigners who come to the country to earn money must necessarily pass tests on the Russian language. If the examiners understand that the new employee does not know the language, he simply does not give a work visa. After that, the law was changed slightly. It added two required exams, namely the history of the Russian Federation, as well as some aspects of the law. These laws were designed to come to Russia only those employees who have a concept

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Giant hail and tornadoes destroyed Ohio

According, the U.S. continues deadly spring — the weather has decided to break into pieces now Ohio. Storms, heavy rain and giant hailstones — such terrible weather cocktail fell on the region.

According, Ohio hail the size of a hen's egg. A few people, and lots of cars damaged by impact of bad weather.

After seeing the video, you can really imagine the weather.


Timely warning of the approach of a tornado gave time for many people to take refuge in the basement.

Information on casualties or damage yet

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Scientists have discovered a thousand of rare wild yaks in Tibet

Scientists have discovered nearly a thousand rare wild yaks in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where previously they were exterminated by hunters, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

Half a century ago, in the steppe regions of Tibet grazing many wild yaks, but, as in the case of the buffalo, these large ungulates hunters were shot en masse, and to date, this species is in danger of extinction.

"A team of American and Chinese scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Montana recently discovered nearly a thousand wild yaks in one of the remote regions of the Qinghai-Tibet

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Illegal felling of trees on 40 million rubles identified in Ugra

Prosecutors Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra) and specialists prirodnadzora Ugra revealed facts of illegal felling of trees in the road Nizhnevartovsk — Megion, damage is estimated at 40 million rubles, the press service of prosecutorial KhMAO.

"It was established that during disassembly are not operated pipeline unidentified persons cut down almost two thousand different species of trees: aspen, birch and pine trees without permission of the city authorities of Nizhnevartovsk," — the document says.

Clarifies that based on the prosecutor's check on the criminal case under part 3 of Article 260 of the Criminal Code (illegal cutting of forest stands, done

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Environmentalists urge to give up plastic dishes

Abandon the plastic dishes and imported products on New Year's table calls upon the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia.

"Try to plan the menu New Year's table so that you can use mainly local produce. Pickled tomatoes near Moscow greener imported from Holland, fresh tomatoes, for greenhouse gas emissions in transit to the store thousands of times less" — advised environmentalists.

"Instead of buying plastic bottles of water, the water can be cleaned with a filter. Also possible is to give preference to products with fewer wraps. You can do this, if you buy some products on the market",

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Shanghai is suffering from snow

In Shanghai, the fourth day it snows. In some parts of the snow depth reached 10 cm on its climate Shanghai is close to Sochi. Snow on the streets is 2 times a season. At night the temperature drops below 0 °, and the day is not more than 2 °. Due to heavy snowfall on a highway in Shanghai traffic restrictions. Some sites are closed. 500 flights were canceled coaches, reports Xinhua. Megapolis is deficient supply of vegetables.

Theres a new typhoon «ROKE»

In the western North Pacific typhoon activity continues. A tropical depression that occurred in the southern latitudes in the past weekend, slowly shifted to the west, is not significantly changing its intensity. Yesterday, September 14, she moved to the stage of a tropical storm. This is 15 in a row this year typhoon. He got the name «ROKE».

Today in the morning it with pressure 996 hPa was located in the north of the Philippine Sea at coordinates 25.6 ° N and 133.8 ° E Maximum winds at the center of the typhoon of 18 m / s, the radius

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In Turkey Earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 occurred in the European part of Turkey, on the implications of the data so far, reported seysmoobservatoriya Bosphorus University.

The epicenter was located in the Marmara Sea in the province of Tekirdag at depth 8.4 km. Quake was felt throughout the area of the Sea of Marmara, including Istanbul, RIA Novosti reported.

Kemerovchane will fight pests holy water

Water, consecrated here is different from the Epiphany by the fact that it added lamp oil. However, drinking it in any case impossible.

Especially for this water was dedicated in the temple of the holy Martyr Tryphon in the village Metallploschadka.

In the fight against the voracious locusts and Colorado beetle all means are good. Faithful gardeners for fidelity sprinkle holy water crops.

— This does not mean that if I drip some water on the tracks, it will disappear and hiss — explained to us parishioner Katherine. — Water does not kill insects,

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Nicaraguans were evacuated due to the eruption of a volcano

In the Republic of Nicaragua, moved into the phase of the active volcano of San Cristobal. This has forced local authorities to declare a local evacuation, reports Agence France-Press.

Information received from the publication on September 9. From their homes should leave about three thousand people who live in the settlements located on the slopes of the volcano. It is likely that the evacuation zone will become more widespread. This is related to the Ministry of Civil Defence.

September 8 San Cristobal volcano threw a column of smoke into the air with volcanic ash. Height of the eruption reached

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