Reconstruction of the CHP Chita has reduced water use from Lake Kenon

TGK-14 launched the work on the largest Chita CHP-1 turbine № 6, after which the reconstruction of annual water use from being in the city limits of Lake Kenon decreased by 11 million cubic meters or 14%, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a company spokesman.

TPP-1 uses lake water to cool the turbine condensers. After cooling, water vapor returns to Canan. To maintain the level of the lake is located a few kilometers of the river Ingoda pumped from 6 million to 12 million tons of water per year.

"Ecological effects of starting sixth turbine expressed in the first place,

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In Arkansas, fish die en masse

Currently, American conservationists explain the reasons for the mass death of fish washed up on shore of the Arkansas River, according to a news portal quoting a representative of the Arkansas Commission on hunting and fishing Keith Stevens (Keith Stevens).

According to Stevens, the first reports of the death of the fish appeared on December 30, and the next day arrived at the scene biologists. Total killed about 100 thousand. A few fish were sent to the University of Arkansas to study in the laboratory.

As noted portal, scientists believe that the cause of death of fish could be

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Twas the drought in Africa is moving to Europe


In Ethiopia fixed the severe drought in 60 years and the situation is only getting worse. Besides African heat took direction on Europe.

As reported, Ethiopia meteorologists do not predict rain until the beginning of the rainy season: and it will come in October. From lack of water affects about ten million people. The worst situation in the camps, where refugees from the neighboring country of Somalia. People are suffering not only from thirst, and hunger.

And the drought continues its journey around the globe. African heat is coming to Europe. Thermometer in

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Astrophysics warning from June 27 to July 2, there will be a massive earthquake

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn in an interview on Al-Jazeera said that: "In the period from June 27 to July 2, we should expect a very strong earthquake." To the question whether he had warned the governments of those countries who are in danger, he said that the U.S. government has warned.

Louisiana to prepare for the flood control

Thousands of people in the U.S. state of Louisiana to flee from the artificially-induced flood.

On Saturday the gates were opened for over the banks of the Mississippi River.

In the coming days will be open some more locks — the first time in decades.

Water seeps into the thousands of homes and destroyed hundreds of acres of agricultural land.

However, according to officials, this is the only way to save more populated areas along the river, the city, the company refineries, power plants and the port of New Orleans.

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Sweden has the strongest desire to recycle garbage

Sweden lacks the waste to fully load their refineries. Therefore, the country must import recyclables from their neighbors. Such a huge success was achieved thanks to the Swedes thought out and well-coordinated system of waste management, where 36% of garbage are recyclable materials, 14% are converted into compost, 49% incinerated. According to the latest figure from the European countries Sweden is second only to Denmark, where about 54% of burnt debris. Only 1% of Swedish waste goes to landfill. In comparison, the European average — 38%.

Burning garbage in special furnaces, the Swedes are an additional source of energy.

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The video, shot witnessed in Christchurch. Building covers landslide from Mount


Yellow Sea is white at high speed

Strong and prolonged cold Icy Yellow Sea.

Bohai Bay freezes usually only in the coastal area. Currently, satellite monitoring of the significant ice cover its waters.

In addition, the close-knit ice observed in the Yellow Sea. Anomalous fact is not only coverage, but the rate of growth of ice — about 600 square meters. km per day. According to Chinese media, was the largest ice-blocked ports and oil platforms.

Purification of water from the well of iron

Iron, dissolved in water, can be found in all parts of the aquifer near Moscow. Removal is necessary if you want to maintain excellent health. Also, excess iron affects the appearance of the plumber and the dishes — it leaves traces of rust on them. Removal of this impurity in two ways — without chemicals and with their participation.

Water purification from iron is to bring it to a state in which it is easy to be delayed in the pressure filter. When processing reagents or other special means iron trying to bring to the solid form that it is

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Google data center in Oklahoma wind farm will supply

Google and representatives of the Agency Grand River Dam (GRDA) signed an agreement for the supply of "green" wind power for Google Data Center in Oklahoma, USA. Energy supply will be from the nearby Canadian Hills wind farm of 48 MW. Cooperation will start at the end of 2012.

Google representatives said they began searching for ways to reduce and neutralize carbon sledasvoego units in 2007. The most important point was to find a source of clean, renewable energy to power as many electronic operations of the Centre. Joint search Google and GRDA, for additional sources of green

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