Tours in Hinterglemm, Austria

If you are a fan of skiing, you know that in our country yet there are very few places where you can indulge in their favorite pastime. That is why every set of the Russian fans of the sport become quite expensive trips to foreign winter resorts. But it turns out that doing this is not necessary, since such trips can be organized without assistance. Get a visa (if necessary), to make booking hotels around the world or to order tickets is not a problem, and when to do it yourself, you can significantly reduce the cost

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Volga Delta fish may be left without

The spring fishing season this year confirmed that the catches in the lower Volga fall. According KaspNIIRHa, in March-April this year, commercial fishing was 12.1 thousand tons. Last year during the same period were taken 14.1 thousand tons. If we trace on fish species, it will look like.

Roach caught in the current year of one thousand tons. Most appeared pike. During the period of the spring fishing season it was in fishing nets about three thousand tons. This is more than in 2010. Semi catches fish for one month in May amounted to 21.4 thousand tons. In 2010, the

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At least 16 people were killed in floods in China

At least 16 people were killed in three days as a result of flooding caused by heavy rains in the southern and northern provinces of China, said on Sunday Xinhua, citing local authorities.

Ongoing for several days, heavy showers led to the destruction of more than a thousand houses, about 450,000 people were displaced from their homes. To date, damage to the economy of power is estimated at about $ 20 million.

Meteorologists predict that in the near future but the rains intensify.

In failure Berezniki gone five garages

"Studies have spoken in favor of the version of the karst processes that occurred in the railway. In this case, the funnel should not be very hard to grow ", — said the director of the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Baryakh. Now experts zamerochnoe Institute began drilling near the crater, which can accurately determine the cause of its formation. Size of the crater, according to the administration Berezniki, 60 to 35 meters. According to CCTV, partly destroyed five garages.

Hope quickly, Browser-OnLine

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RGS allocated 5.5 million rubles for the preservation of rare species of cats in Siberia

Russian Geographical Society (RGS) will allocate 5.5 million rubles for implementation of the "Wild Cats of southern Siberia 'for the study and preservation of rare species of cats — snow leopard (snow leopard), Pallas and lynx, said Tuesday the project member State Nature Reserve" Khakassia. "

"Part of the money will be spent on modern means of recording and animal observation, tracking and communications, photo and video equipment, field equipment and transportation that greatly facilitate research on the study of the spatial structure of populations, and will help to identify ways of migration and dispersal of animals between scattered foci

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U.S. East Coast fish dying en masse

U.S. scientists are studying another mysterious phenomenon with massive loss of animals. Over the last week at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Atlantic waves released nearly two million dead fish.

Specialists consider several theories explaining the loss of so many sea creatures. The most obvious version — pollution — is considered the least close to the truth.

"At the moment we have not found any problems with water quality, — the representative of the environmental agency. — In our opinion, this was due to sudden change in temperature."

Died, mostly young members of the family Gorbyleva. This species of fish are

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MOE finds cause tremors in Novokuznetsk

Rescuers trying to find out what caused the quake a magnitude of 2.4 points in Novokuznetsk, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the central board office in Kemerovo region.

Aftershocks recorded Geophysical Survey SB RAS overnight. According to witnesses, the vibrations were felt not only in Novokuznetsk, but close to town.

"Rather, it was a technological explosion. Right now, we find out," — said the representative GUMCHS.

In the geophysical service explained that aftershocks with a magnitude familiar to the Kuzbass, they are in the "normal range for blasting."

An employee of a local coal mines told RIA Novosti that in

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Kuban: The first in this years tornado

May 15. In the village of Seversk count losses that the streets, fields and houses struck first in this year's tornado. Huge air funnel walked through the neighborhood, located next to the touched stanitsa pond absorbed tons of water along with the fish. And after all this is brought down on the heads of the villagers. As a result, stopped traffic on the highway, gardens were buried under a layer of silt. And people were fishing right hands in the dirt.

Now move on the federal highway restored. As for other effects of the elements, they are not completely

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Sinkhole in Vladivostok. Video

The street Svetlanskaya, 10 am, the truck fell into the asphalt near the school № 22, which recently were under repair.

According to an eyewitness, "rose from the truck Meadow in the center. At the traffic lights near the 22 schools, where for a long time is a repair, under the front right wheel of the truck lost the asphalt. "

"Then the truck, of course, stood up. After a while, it arrived with a boom truck and tried to pull out. Cork began to form immediately — there were half the strip. "- Said the eyewitness.

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Germany can not stop the E. coli

As reported, despite the fact that German scientists found the source of the dangerous intestinal infection, the number of victims continues to grow in Germany — it had grown to 34 people. In addition, one person died in Sweden.

"Nearly 100 patients have received such a strong kidney, that they need the transplant of organs, or they need a long-term dialysis," — said in an interview with the newspaper "Bild am Sontag" expert Karl Lauterbach health.

The number of patients infected or suspected of being infected in Germany has reached four thousand. The majority of cases

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