In the Sverdlovsk region massive fish kills

In the east of the Sverdlovsk region, even during the day below thirty degrees. This led to an ecological disaster.

For the first time in 30 years peremerzla Irbitka river. Fish do not have enough oxygen, and she dies. Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor trying to save wildlife.

Did not expect such a catch even experienced fishermen. Several hundred villagers dace just got under the ice. Already dead — fish suffocated. Massive fish kills local fishermen discovered by accident, when it stopped completely catch.

Irbitka on the river, they found a place with thin ice and broke it.

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The Russian government will allocate more than 8 billion rubles for the protection of Lake Baikal

The Russian government will send in 2013-2015 more than eight billion rubles for the federal program for the protection and development of the lake surrounding areas, according to a draft of the federal budget, published on Tuesday, the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

In 2013, the program plans to allocate 992.9 million rubles, in 2014 — 2.97 billion rubles, in 2015 — 4.07 billion.

As detailed in a paper on environmental protection plan to spend 6.8 billion rubles.

The concept of the federal target program "Protection of Lake Baikal and the socio-economic development of the Baikal natural territory

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Colombian volcano eruption expected

Nevado del Ruiz is getting closer to the time of its eruption. Last Week activity of the volcano has increased significantly. Because of the increased mobility of the magma from March 27 of Nevado del Ruiz were recorded oscillations of the earth surface. West of the crater were active seismic signals in the form of rock falls, cracks here and there. Similar symptoms preceded the eruption in November 1985 and September 1989.

Morning of 29 March for 25 minutes happened more than 135 aftershocks south of Crater Arenas, depth of about 4 km. March 31 active volcano became even more

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Monson tornado destroyed the city in the U.S.

A powerful tornado that struck Massachusetts, virtually wiped out from the earth city Monson. Pictures taken during the storm resemble the worst apocalyptic pictures, like shooting effects tornado. In the city there is not a single building. The list of victims — more than 200 people.

Coniferous forest burns in the Volgograd region in the area of about 5 hectares

Fire pine forest area of about 5 hectares extinguish fire in the Volgograd region, told RIA Novosti on Saturday GUMCHS representative of Russia in the region.

According to him, the message was received on forest fire control operations duty officer at 15.24 MSK.

"Coniferous forest burns in Kalachevskaya area of ten kilometers from the village Spoons, no threat to residents. Went to the scene of the main management task force," — said the source.

According to preliminary information, the dead and injured as a result there is no fire.

In Tokyo, recorded a new strong earthquake

A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on Monday, March 14, again shook Tokyo and surrounding prefectures. It made much sway buildings in the Japanese capital. Information about the destruction and injuries were reported. Overlain by the earthquake off the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture at a depth of 10 kilometers below the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, according to ITAR-TASS. What happened on Friday earthquake of magnitude 8.9 in the north-east of Japan Meteorological Agency as a national of the strongest on record. The number of victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has exceeded one thousand. However,

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In Germany, the rat deenergized Station

On Thursday evening, hungry rats caused a power failure at a railway station in Stuttgart. According to a railway station, an animal razgryzlo cable used to illuminate the hall and the railway.

Dozens of passengers had to be transferred out of the dark part of the station by four lighter platform. Three trains were directed to a detour, 25 were late.

Land-Bahn at the bottom of the station and shops illuminated advertising a power failure with 20.20 to 21.48 h did not suffer, because they feed on other electrical cables. The very rats died by electric shock.

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BP has agreed to pay a fine for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

British oil giant BP has agreed to pay a record fine in U.S. history for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, according to Bloomberg, citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to the agency, the company pleaded guilty, and the two employees will be charged with the loss of lives in the explosion on the platform Deepwater Horizon. The amount of payments in the message is not specified.

Earlier Thursday, the media quoted unofficial sources reported that BP can pay the largest fine in U.S. history for the oil spill in the Gulf of

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In the Odessa area, parents rooks attack people

In the south-western districts of Odessa region, the cases of bird attacks on humans. Local residents complain about crows in the last days "as the chain broke down." "I was immediately swooped down three, croaked, trying to bite — says a resident Bolgrad Zinaida Stoyanov. — I ran, so they still have 10 meters pursued. "

Zoologists are urged not to panic, "First of all it is not about crows and rooks, they are often confused — told us ornithologist Ivan Rusev. — They live in large colonies, and aggression is associated with the period of hatching,

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Australians have witnessed a rare snow storm

Abnormally cold weather, come to the south of Australia, brought to the country the first in the last hundred years, the October snowfall. Such events do not remember even older Australians. White veil taker has hidden land at Mount Lofty and southern Flinders chain, in the east and north of Adelaide, South Australia. More low-lying areas of the snow never came, there was observed a drop in temperature to +4,4 ° C and rain.

All residents of the South Australian were in shock of this happening, and readily removed suddenly fallen out of season snow on cameras and camcorders.

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