Polish cities attacked marten

In Polish cities through established work kennels for pets, rare to find stray cats or dogs. The authorities carefully monitor to abandoned or have lost pets do not go in the street, creating a threat to local residents.

However, after solving one problem always comes another. Functions vagrants, consisting in small hunting and garbage dumps study, are successfully performed marten. These small, but agile and intelligent animals flourish in urban environments and, judging by the speed of their spread, are going to live near people for long.

According to experts, urban residents have to put up with the presence of

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In Ukraine, a huge dry river Dniester

According www.delfi.ua, the Dniester killed fish, flowers and water spoils ecosystem.

In the river, the water level drops because of the intention not to drop it from the Dniester HPP, claim in the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

Public organization accused of Power gidroenergouzla Dniester.

"In the Dniester Delta catastrophic water shortage. Temperature rises to 20 degrees or higher. Water blooms, gets a yellow-brown color. Appear dead carp and carp. Large area, which would have to go to the water, suffering from the effects of the spring fire" — the press service quoted expert on Wetlands, Ph.D.

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Isotopes of cesium found in sea water and in the air Pacific

Russian scientists have discovered isotopes of cesium in sea water and air to the Pacific Ocean about 400 kilometers from the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1", said Tuesday the chief of department of ecology of the Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute (DVNIGMI) Hydromet Alexander Sevastyanov. The main task of the Russian Geographic Society expedition on the research vessel "Pavel Gordienko" Hydromet is finding radiation in water and air, the Sea of Japan and the Kuril-Kamchatka region of the Pacific Ocean. The first stage of the expedition will last until May 20, the second — to begin in August or

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Climate change threatens to mercury poisoning of the Arctic

Climate change, which are accompanied by the release of toxic substances permafrost can lead to a significant increase of mercury and its compounds in Arctic animals and threatens the region's ecosystem, according to a report prepared by the program AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme — Programme of the Arctic Council Monitoring and Evaluation).

"The increased recently mercury in Arctic wildlife may be the first evidence of climate change, affecting the rate of accumulation of this dangerous metal. Moreover, world outlook for mercury emissions odds with reality," — noted in a statement distributed by the authors of the report, which

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Fish kill in Australia

Phone call to the Ridge News Tuesday morning alerted Received: reported the death of a European carp on a dam at Big Varrambule writes theridgenews.com.au

Thousands and thousands of dead fish floated to the surface of the water and covered with a beach a few meters deep. Why are they all died — a mystery. Fisherman from Lightning Ridge suggested that the cause was a lack of oxygen.

Surviving fish swims mouth sticking out of the water: it is possible, it will also be lost. Probably all of them brought to the dam flood, after which the fish remained

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Wild rabbits captured the fifth continent

Australia has recorded the most massive in the last 16 years the invasion of wild rabbits. This stems from the increased immunity eared rodents and lack of professional shooters involved in their extermination.

According to the Chairman of the Fund "in Australia, free of rabbits" Nichols Newland, the annual damage brought by these extremely prolific animals, is $ 200 million. "Wild rabbits becomes every year more and more — said Newland. — They occupied almost the entire continent and has already sent to suburban areas. Unsuccessful methods of rodent control lead to environmental problems."

In turn, a professional shooter Phil

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Chinese crabs actively occupied Khabarovsk

Arthropods are caught in a gas station, in the courts and collecting buckets in the markets.

Quite unusual for Khabarovsk finding discovered during work day employees of one of the security guards of the city. While cleaning the yard, they stumbled upon a veritable crab. In the words of Deputy Director Vladimir Romanovsky, thought at first that he's lost. Maybe some of visitors threw stale purchase of a fish shop. But after the first attempt to touch a crab suddenly came to life and stood in a fighting stance, dangerously raising rather large claws. The animal was

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Global changes that could threaten civilization

How about the fact that in the 2012th from the Earth will be seen two suns? Every day we hear and signs that the planet is changing. Many of these changes occur for the first time in modern history, and seems to point to the need for adaptation of human civilization.

Heat and cold to hit all corners of the Earth; seismic activity reaches a peak, even where there are no active faults, the birds, bees, fish and other animals die for no apparent reason, and now walks a lot of talk about galactic anomalies that began

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The court found the illegal felling of several bands of Khimki Forest

Presnensky Court of Moscow upheld the public organization "The principle of" the company "DorInzhStroyProekt" engaged logging in the Khimki forest near the Moscow-Petersburg, said Monday RAPSIpredstavitel plaintiff Dmitry Trunin.

"Instead of allowing for cutting four strips of forest, the company (defendant) is cut down to ten. Our claim for the recognition of the illegal felling satisfied with the court. This is a great victory, a decision will have implications for other similar cases," — said Trunin. In total, according to him, the production of ships Moscow is four lawsuits (including this one, as it does not come into force).


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Christmas tree underwater divers and rescue workers dressed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Divers and mountain rescue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dressed Christmas tree under the water, in a nature reserve in the Balkans Hutovo Blato (in the south), to draw attention to environmental issues, according to Bosnian media.

Organizers of the rally told reporters that wanted to remind people about the negative impact on the ecosystem of the natural park of 8000 acres and to encourage people to protect the environment.

Hutovo Blato — one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Europe, which is home to 240 species of birds and dozens of species of birds, constantly living in these parts. Because

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