Color Symbolism

Since ancient times, people gave each flower meaning. As the years passed, changing era, and with them are modified interpretation of colors. Florists have put together the interpretation of each plant and named it, "The Language of Flowers." Thanks to the information collected by people who know, anyone can with a fine hint of his feelings a bouquet of her favorite.

RoseInterpretation of the value depends on the color of rose buds.• White roses are a symbol of innocence, chastity and purity. Most of them presented to young girls as a token of admiration for their youth and innocence.

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Live issue number 23. What do the animals (16. 11. 2012)

Animals have not developed vocal apparatus, but they communicate with each other. How, for example, cats can understand each other? And understand whether cats dogs? And how animals communicate with the person? What does the tail wag or growl?

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A nickname in the world for a long time is one man — Kevin Richardson. He deserved it "rank" — for many years Kevin communicates equally with wild animals. But — note — not a circus or a zoo, but in their natural habitat — the South African Reserve. Among his friends — lions, tigers, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes.

Way to preserve Richardson was tortuous and thorny. He was born in 1974 in Johannesburg — one of the largest cities in South Africa. His ancestors emigrated there from England. Kevin was the youngest child in the family,

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Beavers flooded the city

Small provincial town of Duvall, Washington in recent days, most suffering a disaster — a quarter of the village flooded by lake water, a few houses in the literal sense of the word were in the swamp.

Cause local disaster was not a hurricane or above normal precipitation for the month, and the most ordinary beavers. On one of the nearby hills was a lake. According to local residents, it was the result of many years of engineering work of beavers, but one morning beavers or changed their original plan, or cunningly planned it from the beginning.


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Bloodthirsty plant …

In sci-fi movies are sometimes shown as an astronaut on foreign planets are attacked plants predators. However, to see these green monsters, do not make space travel, as they are sufficient, and in the world.

Little frog made his first walk in the woods. Jump, jump yet — and the poor creatures touched strange green leaves covered with hairs. Moment, and linked up like a sheet of the jaw, and a tiny frog struggled, trying to get out of the deadly trap. For a while, his feet sticking out of a sheet of carnivorous plants closed down the Venus

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February 19 — World Day of whales and dolphins

Since 1986, February 19, zoologists World Day of whales and dolphins. That same day, the International Whale Commission (IWC) banned any kind of catching marine mammals, trade in whale meat.

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Now, according to UNDP expert Vasily Spiridonov, whales, in Russia there are no more than two hundred individuals. No prohibited catch giant mammals for research purposes by allowing the government — members of the ICC and to meet the needs of indigenous people.

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Despite its huge size and long life expectancy, whales quite vulnerable. And the main reason

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Cat found his mistress, going 250 miles

Oh you gulena! Again traveling going? — Tamara Ukrainka Beregeli takes out travel bag red cat Kuzyu. — See how quick! I just took things for the journey, and our Kuzma immediately jumped into the bag! Okay, you go with us, but by us — not a step! And then you'll have to walk back to stomp through half the country.

Red Cat Kuzma lived in an apartment over a year ago Tamara. During this time, several times saffron has managed to keep up with the hostess, who was taking him to the trip to Ukraine. But, lost, always found

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From the stamping of hooves …

It is believed that every little girl dreams of a pony for her birthday. This is far from the truth, and if to be honest, such a gift would not mind and boy. Horses — friends of people since ancient times, in this sense, with only dogs can compete. How we managed to tame these amazing animals? The role they played in the development of civilization? First things first.


Not so easy to imagine that the ancestors of horses — Hyracotherium — do not exceed the size of today's Bulldogs. Stumbling in herds, they slowly walked through the

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Solve the mystery of the giant eye

Not so long ago we wrote about the amazing discovery Gino Kovači Florida — making the usual jog on the beach, he found incredible size eyes. Eyeball the size of a soccer ball was passed to scientists for examination today, October 15, published its results.

Official representatives of research groups on marine life said that, in their opinion, a giant eye belonged swordfish, and was cut and discarded catch her fisherman. As reported by Joan Herrera of Florida Institute Commission for the Conservation of wild species and a variety of specialists directly and remotely studied eye, based on

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In Kamchatka aggressive bear broke into the house

In the village of Tilichiki Olyutorsky district Kamchatka police shot dead an extremely aggressive brown bear broke into the house. The press service of the Russian Interior Ministry regional government reported that the beast came to the house, located in the immediate vicinity of the forested hills, the smell of cooking. Paws predator strikes broke the window frame and went inside the room.

Master of the house had to hide his wife and two children in the bathroom, and himself, to call the police, was to distract the bear itself. Immediately return a call all the police, who were

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