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Off the coast of Sweden, a major oil spill

On the western coast of Sweden rescue services likviliruyut major oil leak. After the collision of two ships in the sea near the island of the archipelago Churn Boguslaw found about 110 cubic meters of oil spilled. This is one of the largest oil spill that occurred in Sweden.

10 September in the coastal waters of Denmark, two vessels collided. Early reports on the oil spill there on September 15.

The operation involved five ships and aircraft involved about 50 staff Coast Guard sends Swedish edition Local. According to rescuers, the last day of oil is no longer distributed by

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Zoozaschitniki Moscow, with the victory! Take the example of all!

14/02/2011 at 18:40, on our website under the article "Arrows sadistic killing dogs paralytic poison" was left a comment:

"We zoozaschitniki-guardian dogs killed in December and January in depot Kiev railway station. Detective We also line department depot Kiev station, refused to open a criminal case, despite the fact that we have the videos and witnesses the murder., But prosecutors said, that the offense is and extended the term of this investigator to rassledovanie.My believe that we need to be united in the struggle for the humane treatment of animals and do not stop halfway. mail us. in.gruppa @

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In Australia, people save bats orphaned

In Australia, the heavy rains have brought disaster not only people but also animals. The emerging flood was one of the strongest in the last fifty years. Water flows almost completely destroyed the entire population of bats.

Small flying mouse, who are without parents, who died in the streams pods, required care, and the staff of the local veterinary clinic rushed to save the life of one hundred and thirty kids bats for only 3-4 weeks from birth.

All pups are wrapped in small pelenochki, they are fed from bottles. As soon as the danger of falls in nature, and

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Hurricane turned the village of Poland in ruins

15 July in Poland through the night raged fierce hurricane. Big cities hurricane bypassed, but some small villages in ruins.

As reported, villagers Rusyns, a hundred kilometers from Warsaw, told, that the hurricane blew in the blink of an eye. Storm completely destroyed about seven hundred houses. Hundreds more — were left without roofs.

According to the Polish meteorologists, the wind swept a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. There are no victims, but crop completely destroyed.

Two thousand dollars promised Prime Minister Donald Tusk to each victim of the hurricane, which swept across the metropolitan

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Leps will perform at the Royal Albert Hall

March 6, 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall — the most famous concert hall in London has made famous Russian singer Grigory Leps. Moreover, it would be his only solo concert, which will take place in London. Meanwhile, the singer will be the first of those singers who perform at this famous concert hall of the capital of Great Britain. At the concert the singer did not come himself. With him will be other artists, support group. All come with Leps 20. The year before, the Royal Albert Hall celebrated its 140th anniversary. Currently, there are about 5500 people. In

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In Alaska, a mysterious virus kills seals

Mysterious disease spreads in Alaska. An unknown virus has caused the death of hundreds of ringed seals along the Arctic coast of Alaska. The disease looks horrific animals literally bleed oozing from their bodies.

Back in July, biologists have noted the strange behavior of seals in the area. Allowed access to the beach, while their normal habitat — water or ice.

Then the seals were to die from an unknown disease, which results in complete loss of hair, skin and bleeding. At the moment, there is information on more than a hundred dead animals.

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The Japanese company plans to develop wind energy in Sakhalin

To develop wind energy in Sakhalin Japanese company plans to "Mitsui & Co.., Ltd". Negotiations with the Japanese company "Mitsui & Co., Ltd." on the development of wind energy in Sakhalin island held by the Government of the region.

Pilot site for the development of alternative energy sources is selected village Novikovo Korsakov. There are already conducted project work in the near future to establish vetroizmeritelny complex. This mast height of 34 m, equipped with sensors measuring the speed, wind direction and temperature. Before proceeding to the construction of a wind turbine, the experts during the year will be watching

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The frequency of the north-eastern trade winds decreasing

Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa say reducing the frequency of occurrence of the trade winds that blow from the north-east in the last four decades. Thus, even 37 years ago, the number of days in the year when the airport Honolulu blowing trade winds, was 291. Now, however, the figure had fallen to 210 days.

Such a distinct change in the character of the northeast trade winds are essential for the normal climate of Hawaii. They affect the wave height, the formation of clouds, rainfall over certain parts of the island and the ocean. The smaller

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Fish kills in the river lay in the Vologda region. Video

February 26, 2012 on the river near the village of Lying Nizmy Vologda district fishermen discovered a massive fish kills. What was the cause of death, and who is to blame for this is not known.

Uploaded Voldemar345, date: 26.02.2012

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Le? Ms. (Oli? Dovka) — a river in the Vologda region of Russia, a tributary Sukhona, belongs to the basin of the Northern Dvina. Length of 178 km, the basin area 3,550 km ², the average water consumption is 47 km from the mouth of 10.5 m³ / s. The largest tributaries Senga, butt (left)

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In the U.S., bottled water ban

In the U.S. state of Massachusetts from the beginning of the year was passed legislation that recognizes the implementation of drinking water in individual plastic bottles illegal. The water may be sold in any other form, but not in bottles made of plastic.

The bill was proposed by Concord above the staff. The authors suggest that in this way it will be possible to significantly improve the situation of plastic waste around. The residents of the city are invited to use tap water, home and community. In addition, it will significantly reduce the personal expenses of citizens is, in

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