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Nakula Nakula Bessli arrested

Creator of the provocative film, which cost all of the Internet and created so much noise and debate among the citizens of different nationalities, and provoked some unrest in many countries of the world, "innocent Muslims" was arrested in the United States, the state of California. 55-year-old Bessli Nakula Nakula, the name of the producer of the film, according to a local prosecutor and the company ITAR-TASS, is now under arrest and would soon be responsible for their actions before a federal court. The reason for the arrest was a violation of the conditions of his parole.

Producer himself has

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Media: heavy rain caused this flood in Odessa

Heavy rain literally flooded Odessa, said on Thursday Odessa TV "ATV".

"Some areas of the city is completely flooded. On the roads due to heavy rain formed massive traffic jams. Motionless are Greek, Catherine and other streets. Bulkowski on Gators. To get home by swimming motorists and the 2nd station of Big Fountain. Similar situation in Siltings Street Sakharov and the French Boulevard "- according to the site of the broadcaster.

Odessans spread in social networks photos, which show that in some parts of the city cars literally flooded to the roof.

Cause flooding of streets was debris collectors. Public

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Chinese fish contaminated with industrial waste

Severe pollution of the Pearl River (Pearl River), metals and organic compounds has led to the accumulation of these substances in the bodies of river and marine life, the eating of which has become dangerous to human health.

For example, in the oysters from Guangdong Province copper in 740 times higher than normal.

According to the publication "Yanchen Vanbao", according to the recently promulgated Maritime Bulletin of Guangdong Province in 2010, 40% of the pollution discharged into the sea of industrial waste overfished, 16% of the sea water is polluted.

It says that in 2010, eight of the rivers flowing

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Large hail povybival windows of houses and cars in the Kuzbass

Hail the size of a hen's egg was held on Tuesday in the south of the Kemerovo region, in cities Mezhdurechensk Myski and, as a result, many cars and houses were smashed glass, told RIA Novosti, one of the witnesses of the disaster.

"From the egg. Dents on my car. Neighbors have" Lada "holes in the glass. Incuse Front" — a spokesman said.

Eyewitnesses in Mezhdurechensk toe and say that all this is accompanied by a strong wind.

"I had a child to jump in the car. Sat and listened to the hail hit the roof. Vmyatinki and leave a

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Warm weather does not hibernate bears in Moscow zoo

Warm weather, established in Moscow since the beginning of calendar winter, does not give the bears in the Moscow zoo hibernate, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, spokeswoman zoo.

Moscow has met an unusually warm winter weather. Since the beginning of December in the capital there is zero temperature, on Monday warmed air up to 6 degrees. But by the end of this week is expected cold snap, the temperature drops below zero, and after a week in Moscow come this winter with moderate frost and snow.

"Bears are not going to sleep, because now it is warm in the capital,"

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Earthquake in China, near the Kazakhstan border

Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, near the border with Kazakhstan, the message center for the collection and processing of special seismic data Geophysical Research Institute of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan.

"According to the operative data TSSOSSI IGR NNC, July 12, at 00 hours 52 minutes Astana time (July 11, at 18 hours 52 minutes GMT) in China at a distance of 59 kilometers to the north-west of the city pile earthquake," — said in the message.

Information on casualties or damage were reported on.

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Surfer suffered from a shark attack on the French island of Reunion

Surfer injured in an attack by a shark in the water area of Saint-Leu on the French island of Reunion, reported Agence France-Presse, with reference to the local prefecture.

"Surfer, who is about 40 years old, was seriously injured his right leg and arm. Forecast doctors (as to whether the patient will survive) is not yet clear," — Secretary General of the Prefecture Brunetiere Xavier (Xavier Brunetiere).

This is the third year since the beginning of shark attacks on surfers near the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Last year, the predators attacked resting six times, then killed two

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Kilauea volcano spews lava

Lava from Kilauea Volcano destroyed the last house in Royal Gardens — a small community in Hawaii.

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In the river, Poltava Erik mass death of fish


Poltava river Kuban Erik ceased to be a popular destination among anglers rybakov.Po words, instead of the past catch two to three pounds a day is hard to catch at least one live fish.

Local residents believe that the blame for what is happening is that the pond drains waste meat. Fish began to float belly-up, and the blood trickling from the gills.

The fact that the fish are dying, in the department of natural resources and the state environmental control Krasnodar region have learned from the media STC. Now experts are already

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Nikolaev lightning chosen power line

As promised forecasters, thunderstorms late last week and otsverkali died down, but not all areas of the city. And in some places they have created in the electrical emergencies. So, on Saturday, August 13, at 11.55 light disappeared in parts of houses Varvarovka: on the street. Hodchenkova, and key in the village Vesnyanoe. As reported by the service quick response from Varvarovskogo RES failure occurs on the transmission line due to lightning. Around 12.30 power was restored.

And at about 16:30 the same day, when the storm "came" on the other side of the city, a similar

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