Ecological situation in Moscow is getting worse day by day because of the heat

Hot weather, established in Moscow, has a negative impact on the environment — air pollution continues to grow, according to RIA Novosti on Wednesday specialist GPBU "Mosekomonitoring."

The heat is in the capital for about a week. On Tuesday, the air in the capital has warmed up to plus 30 degrees. As the anticyclone maintained that position for the next three days will remain sunny and hot weather, but the record heat wave is not expected. On Thursday, meteorologists predict a slight weakening of the heat — up to 26 degrees, and the output will again be very hot.


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This snowy winter in South Africa

A cold front brought almost to the territory of the South African state of another batch of low temperatures, snow and harsh winds. During the day, almost the whole country has become a snowy kingdom. Since even such a thing as the winter snow — a very rare thing in this part of the continent, neither residents nor meteorologists do not foresee such a heavy snowfall.

Because of precipitation several roads and border posts, a mountain pass temporarily not functioning. On some freeways in Johannesburg ice. So far, the snow has not conceived serious consequences for the inhabitants

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Onishchenko over swine flu scare

According to Rospotrebnadzor, swine flu may soon mutate into a more virulent form, reports Meddaily citing Interfax.

Head of Rospotrebnadzor said that "in July and August 2011 in two U.S. states had three cases of febrile respiratory illness caused by influenza H3N2 swine origin, which carried a gene for a protein matrix pandemic virus H1N1 2009. These mutations on a very subtle level, a genetic global monitoring. " According to Onishchenko, when crossed with the H3N2 2009 H1N1 in an animal or human, the light will be a new deadly virus.

Onishchenko also said that the disease caused by the

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Due to rain in Minsk podtopilo several streets

The evening of 20 May because of rain in Minsk were flooded several streets. The most difficult situation was at the crossroads of Orel and Timiryazev. Here the traffic due to the strong flow of water, which could not handle the storm water drain, was stopped for about 40 minutes.

Time was also discontinued the traffic at the intersection of Prospect Street and winners Ignatenko, about 20 minutes, make BelTA.

To restore the traffic on these two areas needed special care units for pumping water MOE.

According to the MOE, the movement was also hindered by a number of

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Black ice mercilessly hurt the inhabitants of Kiev

Beware, sleet! More than five hundred people in Kiev for the past two days turned into tramvpunktiv with sprains, strains and fractures.

As reported, doctors say that such a number of injured people on slippery roads for a quarter more than usual. The victims are mostly icy pensioners.

Doctors advise on the street to keep your hands in your pockets, wear comfortable shoes and be sure to keep on the stairs to the handrails. And if you have already fallen — not to delay and promptly contact the trauma center or call an ambulance.


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Russian scientists have been able to resurrect the plant 30 thousand years old

The group of Russian scientists from the Institute of Physical and Biological Problems in Soil Science in Pushchino been thawed and germinate seeds of the plant, which is more than thirty thousand years lay under 38 feet of permafrost.

Frozen plant and animal remains — is the most interesting material for research, provides the most complete information about the life on the planet in the past era. The body parts of ancient animals, pieces of plants can learn a lot more than any of the fossils, and surviving fragments of DNA they give hope for the resurrection of ancient fauna

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Mobile phones will monitor air pollution

It is known that pollution is a major cause of the increasing number of diseases — asthma, allergies, etc. Today, many large companies are increasingly focusing on the theme of ecology. As part of these initiatives was the founder of Intel Labs project West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, which will supply high-tech in the service environment

As part of the project, the "mobile monitoring station for air", which takes samples of air samples and evaluates the degree of pollution.

And as a "wrapper" for such sensors are mobile phones.

Acts more as follows: at the user embedded sensor analyzes the

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In Chehiii leaked from the reactor Dukovany

Leaders of the Czech nuclear power plant Dukovany stated the need to stop the work of the fourth unit.

Press Secretary of NPP Perth Spilka said Friday that "The fault vent pipe reactor containment was discovered on Thursday during test readings. How long does the repair, it will become clear after a detailed study of breakage. Situation is under control and is not dangerous" .

Israeli media reported that a faulty distribution of radioactive liquids should happen, but it was small.

Second unit plant also supplies power temporarily. He was scheduled to shut down last week to replace the spent

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In Greece, the frost

In Greece came real winter. Since the beginning of the week in some parts of the country there are freezing. In particular — in the capital, where the temperature in winter is rarely drops below zero. This weather has forced city officials to remember the homeless who used to sleep in the open, without fear of the cold.

Now in Athens 1. In some places you can even see the snow falling.

Employees of the organization to help the homeless out on the streets of the capital, to distribute blankets and vagrants sleeping bags. They also inform

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Residents are concerned about the massive loss of Barnaul pigeons

Barnaul bloggers actively discussing urban mass death of birds. LJ user nick den_lenin August 24 posted a message: "Fellow citizens, what's happening? Some kind uncle dead scattered around the city pigeons, or what? Or what? Eased them? Wherever you spit — lying or bird, or goner, through time breathing ". Dead pigeons seen in a small grove at Pavlovsk tract at the intersection of Shukshin Isakov, carcasses are found in the yards of homes. Motorists say that live specimens of low-level behavior, "Even in the yard where the car could barely crawl, they have to honk."

Persecution, sickness or

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