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Drawings on the fish scales

Everyone knows the value of the annual rings of a tree. According to him, not only can determine the age of the tree, but also to reconstruct the climate of the past. How can recover paleoclimatic conditions in the areas of water basins?

On the scales of fish, often found in ancient marine and lake sediments, there are rings like tree rings. Call them sclerites. This ossified portions of scales, which are not closed or serried ridges on the outside of her bed. They appear as a result of changes in food fish.

Gap distance between sclerites depends on

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Dung beetles aliens?

Sacred to the ancient Egyptians insect — the only thing on Earth, in which the brain laid map the Milky Way

Dung beetles, they're scarabs, rolling from place to place dung balls, guided by the stars. Specifically, these insects use to navigate easily visible arm of our spiral galaxy — the Milky Way. Such startling conclusion scientists Swedish University of Lund (Lund University in Sweden), as reported at the end of January this year in a specialized journal Current Biology.

Scarab, to experiment, put special capsPhoto: Lund University

Experiments conducted research team (Marie Dacke, Emily Baird, Marcus Byrne, Clarke

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Cats destroy all life furry pets are killed each year billions of beings

Cats are a real storm wildlife. Every year they kill billions of creatures, including mice and birds. This conclusion, as reported by NPR, made by scientists at the Smithsonian Institute.


As biologists counted only in the United States live 84 million cats. "Approximately 40% — 70% of them are allowed to go out, and we think that about 50% to 80% of them are engaged in hunting," — said of the Institute Pete Marr.

Thus, more than 47 million cats are potential killers. Also, do not forget about the homeless cats. In total, an estimated Marra, hunters are

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Wild cats: Manul

Would you ever take a trip back in time and see what were the animals millions of years ago? If the cats do not need to, as there Manul — about 12 million years ago, it was one of the first versions of those cats, from which came the modern cats. According to research by scientists Man'ula have not changed since then. There was another kind — the cat Martelli, but it is completely gone. Manul — a unique animal that opens a window into the past of modern cats

Manul — the

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Why does a dog — mans best friend, and the wolf — no

The dog and the wolf are genetically very similar, but the dog was "another person", and the wolf — no. The researchers believe that University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA), the whole thing in a different sensory experience, which is experiencing a small wolves and domestic dogs, puppies to the point where it was time to socialize.

Small cubs too early start and finish interested in the world to treat him with the same nonchalance as pets puppies. (Photo by Joe McDonald.)

As the researchers wrote in the journal Ethology, and wolves, and domestic puppies learn about different experiences at

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BBC — Supernatural abilities of animals

This film tells the psychic and "Paranormal"Abilities of some species of animals:— Sharks — perfectly capture the weak electric field radiated by the human body in water;— Elephants are able to communicate with each other at a distance of 50 km;— frogs know the art to survive the cryogenic temperatures;— lizards are able to run on the surface of the water;— Dolphins are able to "see" by ultrasound …These and many other surprising and sometimes inexplicable features of animals you'll see in our film.Using the most recent advances in the science and technology of filming, extensive use of computer special

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In Mexico, the dog tore three

In the Mexican capital intensified stray dogs. During the last days of vicious animal attacks in Mexico City killed three adults and a small child. Police raided by brutal "friends of man," according to Interfax.

The first warning bell rang for the residents in Mexico City on December 29 last year, when the guards found in one area of the city ravaged by dogs bodies of a woman and her young child. January 5 in another part of the Mexican capital the bodies of young men and women with signs of multiple dog

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Scientists have finally realized why zebras stripes

No one would have guessed. The answer was found as a result of amazing experiments

Continued selection of candidates in the famous Ig Nobel Prize winners (Ig Nobel Prize), which is awarded for the most dubious, and even wacky achievements in various fields of science and solemnly handed at Harvard University about a week before the Nobel Prize.

"Ig Nobel Prize Committee," consisting of employees humor magazine "Annals of Improbable Research" (Annals of improbable research), which established a comic award back in 1991, finds the nominees, learning important scientific publications.

And found a serious bid for victory:

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In Minsk there were sparrows Albino

In an urban environment, such birds are rare.

Anomalous Sparrow said in Trinity suburb ornithologist Ruslan Shaikin, who was on tour with the students of the secondary school № 29.

The bird has an unusual for the light color of its kind, but it saves a brown-gray color of normal sparrows — scientists call it partial albinism.

— Usually birds such color are found outside of the city. This allows them to camouflage in nature and avoid predators. Albino we are more and more common in the city. The last time we saw an albino sparrow 3 years ago.

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Central Russia is coming to a thirty-heat

In the central regions of Russia by the end of the week established summer weather — in some parts of the thermometer rise to plus 30 degrees. Monday night because of the cold atmospheric front temperature will be 2-4 degrees below normal in the northern regions and 1-2 degrees — in the central. Noticeably warmer in the center of the country will start from Tuesday. Meteorologists say here that these parameters are well within the limits of variability characteristic of May.

In Tuesday night in the north of the district seats will still be possible on the basis of weak

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