In Lviv shop sank into the ground

In the Lviv region Drogobych photographic shop fell into the basement.

As reported in the press center EMERCOM in Lviv region, the incident occurred at about 23.00 in the center: on the ground floor two-story apartment building in the shop "Photo-Quelle" fell on the floor area of 15 square meters. m depth of about 2 m

Killed and injured there. In came the failure of the equipment shop.

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In the bays of New York is increasingly found most of these whales

In the bays of New York is increasingly found most of these whales. The Giants are not afraid of people, and even go to the contact. For scientists, this is a chance to solve the mysteries of the huge mammals, and for the fishermen — a reason to temper your nerves. New and perhaps the most exotic attraction in New York City: walking ship goes to sea in search of whales. Arthur Kopelman, as befits the Mother of Oceanology, — a man with a weathered face and earrings in the form of a whale tail. Alien sentiment, he sternly

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In Kemerovo region had the great city of

Due to unexpected temperature drop in one of the settlements of the Kemerovo region of Russia in 3800 km from Moscow hail, some fragments of which exceed in diameter egg. According to witnesses, the largest hailstone had 7 cm in diameter.

Such a sudden thunderstorm occurred in the late afternoon and was accompanied by squally winds. The temperature difference was more than 10 degrees, as the temperature began to show 16? C instead of 32 º C. Storm caused a panic in the village. Huge hailstones, combined with wind gusts caused wounds about 20 people. It is also reported

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Kamchatka rescuers went on high alert for cyclone

Rescuers in Kamchatka on Sunday moved to high alert because of the snow storm with gale force winds reported marginal Glaucus MOE.

"According to forecasters, the first half of the coming night is expected to Ust-Kamchatka area snow. In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, parts of Elizovsky and Ust-Kamchatka area, blizzard. Wind on the East Coast — 22-27 meters per second. Adverse weather conditions remain until the morning on February 18, "- said in a statement.

Department encourages local residents to refrain from trips cyclone over long distances, and tourists and hunters need to wait out bad weather in the settlements.

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Japanese authorities called the situation at Fukushima is very severe and unpredictable

The Government of Japan today raised the level of anxiety in the country up to the maximum, Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

Speaking in parliament, Kan said the situation at the plant "Fukushima" remains unpredictable.

"The situation is very serious — said, in turn, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano — We will take all measures to stop the damage. We must prevent overheating of the uranium rods," reports "Interfax".

Environmental certification saved up to 1 million hectares of valuable forests in Russia

Environmental certification of forests, which is conducted in Russia since 2004, saved from being cut down about one million hectares of valuable forest ecosystems, said Friday the head office of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in Russia and the CIS Andrei house.

"With the certification of each company is required to make an inventory of high conservation value, separate them, and partly to keep. We estimate that somewhere in Russia, about one million hectares of forests are maintained so the company voluntarily. Companies abandoned logging, as it was determined that in forests remained high biodiversity or rare species, "- said

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Returned to Moscow heat wave

Atmospheric front, coupled with a cold snap and rain, leaving the Capital Region. According to weather forecasts, the weekend in Moscow and the region will return a 30-degree heat, which will last until Wednesday.

Warming will begin today. Friday morning in the capital will be even cooler, +12 … 14 ° C, in the region — 10 … 15 ° C. Fog will last a while, dropping to Moscow at night and interfere with the operation of airports. But by the afternoon the thermometer will rise to +21 … 26 ° C. Rain is not expected today, promises Gidrometeobyuro Moscow

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Around 60,000 trees planted in Moscow for two years

Around 60,000 trees and 140,000 shrubs were planted in Moscow in 2011 and 2012, said Tuesday the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the capital Anton Kulbachevsky.

"In 2011-2012, there has been a tendency to improve the state of the environment, water bodies, air capital. In addition, a beautification of parks and gardens, the number of green spaces. During the two years planted 60,000 trees and 140,000 shrubs. These include trees we are compensated for the loss of freezing rain late in 2010, "- said Kulbachevsky a news conference at RIA Novosti.

In addition, the

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Strong rains drowned Greece (video)

In Greece, after a snowfall came heavy rains that caused flooding in the country. In the midst of bad weather — the Peloponnese peninsula.

As reported, elements already claimed the life of one person. Octogenarian woman drowned in your own home.

Trap for the local residents and nearly became a hospital. There were about a hundred people. Leave the room in time they helped rescue.

Sinkhole in Krasnoyarsk


1.06.11.V Krasnoyarsk can walk only on the asphalt. This convinced Vetluzhanki resident. While walking out from under her feet literally left the earth. The woman fell into a deep hole, but managed to catch hold of his hand curb. This is what saved her.

Alla Chumataeva, resident Vetluzhanki, "Maybe I would have searched for later. Who knows where it goes next, fossa. I do not know. Rhinestones, I have suffered, of course, good. "

How can you not be frightened when the ground went from under my feet, said Alla. Resident Vetluzhanki just walking

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