Physiotherapy apparatus

Modern medical technology means a lot especially in the areas of treatment of people in which you can do without surgery. It is through the development of modern medical technology has become possible to cure such diseases for which treatment was not there before medical coverage or required for the operation. People have learned to use the physical phenomena at the benefit of man, and now with the help of, for example, the electric and magnetic fields, is resuscitation and treatment of human physical therapy methods. Physiotherapy devices are devices that are intended to influence the patient a variety of

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Earthquake 7,8 points in the Kermadec Islands: tsunami height was more than a meter

Wave height of a tsunami that originated after a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off the Kermadec Islands, amounted to little more than a meter.

The arrival of such a wave was recorded at two stations. Negative effects of the tsunami on the Kermadec Islands region, north-east of New Zealand, is not registered, the alarm is removed, said Sakhalin Tsunami Center.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a powerful earthquake in the Kermadec Islands were registered at 23:03 MSK on July 6. The threat of a tsunami was declared for New Zealand and for the

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Rains bring to Israel the cold and floods

The rains, which began on Saturday, January 29, will grow and spread to almost the entire territory of Israel — from the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights to the Northern Negev. The temperature will drop significantly, there is a risk of flooding.

In some areas, the rains will be accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds. But by the evening precipitation diminished.

On Monday, January 31, weather forecasters predict short rains, it snows on the Hermon. The rains will continue until Thursday. The air temperature will be below average seasonal performance.

In the next few days in the Golan Heights

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Hurricane in the Samara region. Video

Bad weather, suddenly invading the region descended on the village this hurricane.

Brunt of the disaster took over the local club and the administration building — with the wind knocked roof covering. Suffered and private homes. Fallen trees damaged by wind fences and break power lines. By sheer luck, none of the inhabitants Bobrovka hurt.

Soon Australia will fully switch to renewable energy sources

Researchers from the Melbourne Institute and representatives of the joint project "Australia without carbon dioxide" made a report, which stated that in ten years the continent will be able to completely abandon the so-called "dirty" energy sources and switch completely to renewable energy. This rapid transition is possible due to the location and landscape of Australia, which has unique potential for production of solar and wind energy.

As soon as the Australian government will provide the required investment for the industry, the production of clean energy will begin in full swing, which will significantly reduce the ecological footprint of

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Shoigu retired generals return

Sergei Shoigu take back the generals who have been dismissed by his predecessor, Anatoly Serdyukov. As he said at a meeting with the Russian president's confidants, "returned to the subject," the officers, who were the most competent staff of military science and education.

Earlier, in the first days of his appointment, Shoigu said the continuation of policy reforms outlined by the former Minister of Defense, changing the course of a few details, but now he seems to revise them in full. By pushing his entourage in the Defense Ministry, whose members offer to revive the system control the army, to

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The Black Sea is dying out entire species of fish

The ecological situation in the Black Sea has deprived the survival of fish. Scientists say of the 7 species of fish that were in sufficient quantity in the past, now there are representatives of only 3 species, writes

"Of those fish that were before — beluga, sturgeon, sturgeon, turbot flatfish, mackerel Black Sea, which generally disappeared from the Black Sea — is now more than 90% of the catches every three species — sprat, anchovy and sprat," — said the deputy director of the Institute Biology of the Southern Seas Yuri Tokarev.

The ultimate causes of the Black populations

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In Italy, was recorded a record low temperature — minus 48.3 degrees

In Italy, at the end of December last year, was registered a record low temperature — minus 48,3 ° C. Yes, this is not about Siberia, and about Italy. At 4:30 am on December 27, 2010 at the weather station Busa Fradusta, located in the mountains of the Pale di San Martino in the Dolomites, the temperature dropped to minus 48,3 ° C, which is an absolute record in the history of the cold weather observations at Apennines.

For several years, experts are monitoring the so-called mountain depressions, these karst valleys that record extreme microclimatic conditions, in particular the minimum

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In Canada, because of an accident on an oil pipeline spilled more than 4 tons of hydrocarbons

The footage of the Canadian landscape at first glance — idyllic. But only as long as you understand that these rivers and lakes are composed entirely of oil. Because of the accident at the pipeline spilled more than 4 tons of hydrocarbons.

The operator of a time trying to stop leak yourself. When it became clear that the home can not cope, decided to hide from the real impact. Although the spill was stopped, the region is on the brink of ecological disaster — contaminated a huge territory, killed hundreds of animals and birds. The residents complain of pain

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Hurricane in the Transcarpathian region

For the past day in the Transcarpathian region were very adverse weather conditions. Strong hurricane knocked trees are not only expensive, but also the houses. In some communities, a wind storm damaged power lines …

About an hour on the road, Valley Hoost was halted vehicular traffic in both directions.

As it turned out, the afternoon of the 20th of July, on the road, Hust Valley in an area. Birch Khust Zakarpattia region of = for high winds tree fell.

Miraculously survived the owner of the car VAZ 2107, which at that time was passing on this stretch of road.

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