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Meteoupravlenie Japan announced a tsunami threat

As reported, in the north-east of the island of Honshu today, there was a strong earthquake measuring almost 7 points.

The National Meteorological Administration announced a tsunami threat, the data on the destruction specified.

The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Iwate Prefecture, his focus lies at a depth of about 20 kilometers beneath the ocean floor.

The most powerful tremors have been recorded in the prefectures of Iwate and Aomori.

This zone included the earthquake in Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido and the central part of the Kanto region on Honshu, including

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Mass death of birds is fixed in recent ornithologists in the Moscow region

According to the "MK" vice-president of the Russian Bird Conservation Union, Vladimir Romanov, the number of some species of birds decreased by 10 times, while others have virtually disappeared from the region. Scientists, for example, there were hundreds of dead black-headed gulls, and both adults and chicks. The mass death of wild birds, according to Dr. Dolittle, caused a reduction in water and lack of food, which caused the weakening of immunity. Only marsh harriers remain until their numbers, which is not surprising, since these birds can behave as predators and as scavengers.

As for the disappearance of birds

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Scientists have found the carcass of a whale next to one of the Commander Islands

Bowhead whale carcass of a Red team found near the island of Bering, told RIA Novosti party year-round on the Commander Islands, Russian Academy of Sciences expedition to study the animals of the Red Book of Russia Yevgeny Mamaev.

Bowhead whale lives in the cold waters of the Northern Hemisphere, the most "southern" herd of whales found in the Sea of Okhotsk. In 1935, when the population of bowhead whales was virtually destroyed, the International Whaling Commission imposed a ban on its prey. Since 1973, this kit is included in the conservation of CITES.

"Keith was found on the west

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In Almaty, hail

CA-NEWS (KZ) — Today, May 17, in Almaty hail. According to eyewitnesses, in Almaty blew strong wind, rain. Then, sprinkle with large hail, the size of individual hailstones is 5-8 mm.

According to the Kazakh media, short-term elements not caused damage to buildings and roofs, however, could present risks to flowering fruit trees.

Forecasters foreshadowed Tuesday in Almaty only rain. Note, in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, the second day the weather is hot, the air temperature is 25-28 degrees Celsius.

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In Germany, due to an intestinal infection year-old child died

BERLIN, June 14 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Firsov. Year-old boy died of intestinal infection in the German state of Lower Saxony, the death toll rose to 37 people, said on Tuesday reported online version of the newspaper Bild.

"The doctors did everything possible to save his life … Unfortunately, it is useless," — said the representative of the clinic in Hanover Stefan Zorn. In Hannover child moved from the hospital in the town of Oldenburg on June 5. The boy died of kidney failure, which developed due to infection, but also because of the destruction of red

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Chinese farmers were fined 158.4 million per ekouscherb in Primorye

Court Partyzansky Primorye fined Chinese tenants of land to 158.4 million rubles for soil pollution by pesticides, said on Friday regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

Agency also notes that the court terminated the lease of land of 107 acres, signed between the Office for disposal of municipal property Partyzansky and farming.

"As compensation for environmental damages sought from the court of Chinese farmers 158.4 million rubles. Decision shall enter into force 30 days" — says the agency.

Today more and more Chinese citizens travel to Riviera with the aim of growing agricultural products. Experts often note an excess of agrochemicals in the

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In the Kiev Monastery blossomed rose

For the first time at the beginning of winter in the garden of the Metropolitan National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve blossomed tea rose. The press service of the reserve.

"The other day flower noticed reserve staff working in the building number 31. It turned out that the rose is not alone — another growing nearby bush, where, in spite of December, there were buds red roses ", — the report says.

According to the staff who work in the reserve for more than thirty years, the roses bloom in winter for the first time.

"Before anything like this

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West suburbs in anticipation flood!

The weekend over west of Moscow region asunder abyss of heaven. Bring heavy rains atmospheric front from the west. And his presence will be felt today. So, on Friday at about 10 am, rain showers are marked on meteostrantsiyah Mozhaisk and Volokolamsk. According to the weather radar shows that the band is quite narrow rains. At noon, it stretches from Solnechnogorsk to Zvenigorod. After a couple of hours of rain can catch and Moscow.

But it's all a rehearsal before the weekend. In the west, the area will be pouring rain on Saturday and Sunday, and in many areas they

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Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller — effective assistant in pest

Man, appointing himself "king of nature," just do not have the right to treat it purely consumer. Man-made way of development, which went on race of people is likely to lead to the replacement of the green jungle concrete jungle. Humanity simply must learn to live in peace with nature and to avoid any possibility of extinction of animals and plants.

But cities are coming, rising agricultural land and animal habitat is shrinking fast. This process can not be stopped. But you can minimize the effects of human encroachment into wildlife.

For example, instead of being set traps with poisoned

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Avalanche on Mont Blanc took the lives of Germans, Swiss and Spanish

Victims of avalanche coming down on Thursday with Mont Blanc in the French Alps have become citizens of Germany, Switzerland and Spain, reports AFP referring to representatives of the gendarmerie.

According to police, two of the dead were from Germany, two — from Switzerland, and two were from Spain.

Also, according to some data, the avalanche injured nine people. Another two to five tourists reported missing. The nationality of the victims and missing persons were reported.

The incident occurred near the popular ski resort of Chamonix.

Mont Blanc — the highest mountain in the Alps, in the western Alps, located

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