Mysterious mountain photo is nowhere to be found

September 29, 2012 21:07

Mount Karasov mentioned in almost all references places in the world where there are paranormal. Arkhangelsk Region, northern Russia, and almost imperceptible to the eye illusion of antiquity. Outskirts lost in the woods of the Arkhangelsk region Nyandoma town. Karasov high stone mountain, at the foot of which lies a clear blue lake. All the hills around are covered with modest northern vegetation, and this — rising frightening naked hill.Photographs taken from the top, visible geometric nature of the embankment.

And, even with the naked eye, you can catch the moment when the mountain Karasov

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The sky lit up with unusual rainbow Ufa

September 29, 2012 21:23

Such a rainbow — a rare occurrence in the city. Yesterday at about 5:00 pm in the skies over Sipaylovo an unusual iridescent glow. Ufimtsev could admire it's easy. portal to see a specialist to determine the nature of an unusual phenomenon. Initially it was assumed that this halo — an optical phenomenon that can occur around any luminous object, such as a lantern. However, after verification of the sun at this point it became clear that hangs over Ufa unusual rainbow.

— The most amazing thing that could be seen only a piece

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Secret Weapon of the Gods: How Indra Vajra hit Vitro

February 10, 2013 22:58

People always thought lightning weapon of the gods. The ancient Greeks commanded lightning Zeus the Thunderer, the Indians — the King of heaven, Indra. After having gorged itself toadstools ancient Vikings clearly discerned in the sky lightning fist Torah. Ample soul Slavs in general arming of all electricity in a row — from the pagan god Perun to Christian prophet Elijah. Mention of the exclusive power of thunder weapons can be found in any religion.

In Hindu mythology, Indra struck blacksmiths forged underground lightning-vajra giant serpent Vritra, enveloped in Groundwater. The device of any good

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Votes ravine

September 27, 2012 12:08

Votes ravine one of the most interesting places in Moscow, of course, belongs Kolomna, where once was located royal mansion. Today it is a museum, and it includes not only buildings, but also the natural landscape, which is no less famous than the church tent XVII. It is here that nature keeps an old-time is much more ancient than the time of the king.

Among the many gardens, lawns, parks trails Kolomna is the main natural attractions votes ravine.

And once was not called at the time it is a natural formation, extending for hundreds of

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She visited in the world to

September 24, 2012 20:55

Signs of death

My clinical death occurred during pregnancy, 8 January 1989. Around 22:00, I started bleeding. There was no pain, only the severe weakness and chills. I realized that I was dying. The operating me connect different devices, and the anesthesiologist began to read aloud their testimony. Soon I began to choke and I heard the doctor's words, "to lose contact with the patient can not feel her pulse, it is necessary to save the child …" a voice began to subside around, their faces blurred, then there was darkness …

Again … I

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Mystery of asphalt — mummy

September 24, 2012 20:28

Ancient alchemists believed mummy, or Illyrian resin, the main component of "elixir of immortality." There is a biography of this amazing substance and gloomier page — it was the primary cause of looting the Egyptian pyramids, he tried to synthesize, vyvarivaya corpses of criminals. Mystery of the mummy has not yet been solved.

On the roads of medieval Europe was moving column of horsemen escorted luxury coach. Changing to make the horse, the squad took the time to Paris. But hearing about this process spreads even faster. Armed gangs of robbers tried to

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Read minds at a distance? Science: Its possible!

September 23, 2012 19:47

A group of Dutch scientists developed the device with which you can understand the thoughts of the people in the distance. Based device with a computer tomograph "decode" thoughts.

Maastricht University neuroscientists led by Bettina Sorger could differentiate 27 levels of brain activity and correlate each with a specific character — with one of the 26 letters of the alphabet or a space, and then the computer comes into play, which "translates" the thoughts of the person in question. However, for "deciphering the letters" also required the active participation of the patient.

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In Samara region found the goat, which gives milk

September 22, 2012 10:59

It is a rare natural phenomenon: the animal is a hermaphrodite, that is, has both male and female sexual characteristics.

At the time, the specialists find out, resulting in a mutant goat was born, farmers are concerned about what they should do with this miracle of nature.

Sergei Arsenich

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On the ocean floor off the coast of Japan found drawings that make … fish

September 20, 2012 16:54

According to the National Administration of ocean and atmosphere, so far investigated about five percent of the world's oceans. That is — what's going on under the surface of the remaining 95 percent, we do not yet have any idea.

Japanese photographer Yohji Ookata 50 years of his life devoted to the mysteries hidden in the depths of the ocean — ever since the age of 21 became a licensed scuba diver. Most recently, during a dive on the southern coast of the country, Ookata noticed at the bottom, at a depth of about 25

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Artificial people

September 16, 2012 21:00

At Stanford (USA) scientists to develop methods of production of artificial people. And, while these works are carried out under the guise of humanistic reasoning help infertile couples, it is obvious that they will have a much more global impact.

No wonder the foreign press have appeared headlines like "We do not need the factory people." However, no moral prohibitions can not stop the development of technology. All that remains for us — as soon as possible to develop and adapt the system of values, morals and ethics to new circumstances, writes

Scientists at Stanford

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