Life on Earth appeared on half a billion years earlier than previously thought

August 5, 2012 8:54

Life on Earth may have originated in the 500 million years earlier than previously assumed. First organisms have appeared 4.4 billion years ago, and even "firing" a huge asteroid from space could not destroy them, according to a new study. The results of the work of scientists from the United States published in the journal Nature.

Previously, many scientists have argued that during the so-called "late heavy bombardment" of about 3.9 billion years ago the earth's crust melted and life, if it existed before, died, wrote

However, three-dimensional computer model, created by scientists at the

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As in Lake Kolodny dragon sought

August 3, 2012 12:28

See "Floating Dragon" in Kolodenskom lake is unlikely to succeed, but you can enjoy the picturesque beaches.

Kolodny in Babaevsky area is among the ten most mysterious lakes in the Northwest. And all because of that for many years it write, as a place inhabited by a mysterious relic being. Check this information come from representatives of the association "Vologda-Kosmopoisk." And they made a sensational discovery about the lake itself.

In the mysterious disappearing lake fishermen

For the first time information about the "mysterious lake Kolodny in Rheine Babaevsky Vologda region" in the

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Scientists believe that the brain controls the body

August 4, 2012 8:38


The intention of doing any bodily movement in the brain creates a sense that the movement has already happened, even if in fact the man remained motionless. The discovery could shed light on the mechanisms by which the brain keeps track of the body it controls, according to a study.

Despite the fact that in recent years there has been great progress in the study of how the human brain and its region, responsible for the emergence of the desire to commit a physical act, until recently, remained unknown. Scientists have linked

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Natural fiber

July 25, 2012 16:06

The more we pay attention to the nature around us, the more we find evidence of immutable truth, that all nature is created by the human mind is able to realize their living and non-living creatures over millions of years of existence.

Strange is only the fact that our achievement is hardly short of the most primitive forms of living nature, when for us it seems to be almost the height of perfection. A striking example of this is one of the most primitive subspecies of marine animals Euplectella aspergillum, belonging to the class of

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Time stops for good

July 24, 2012 12:23

"Among the unknown in the surrounding nature most unknown is the time, for no one do not know what time and how to manage it. "


Strange hypothesis

Each of us at least once in their life thought about the nature of time. Depending on the situation, it can either drag on interminably, or fly, "as a bullet to his temple." In his youth, for the most part we are looking forward. "Well, there's still time! .." — Tell ourselves. In old age, more

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Creation of synthetic life

July 22, 2012 9:01


Biologists at Harvard University one step closer to creating synthetic life forms, by which it will be possible to create artificial drugs with certain characteristics, new fuels and completely new materials for industry.

The head of this trend at Harvard John Church, says his group managed to completely copy the part of the living cell, which is responsible for creating proteins that are necessary for life. The next step would be the continuation of the construction of artificial cells, especially as part of the researchers already have — the mechanism of artificial

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What is visualization?

July 19, 2012 21:46

Visualization — mechanical evocation of the image. At any time, the energy in tune with him, is present. It — the key, the door opening into the room of their parents. Through it can interact, exchange.

Do not you create the image, it appears it myself, but you can learn through visualization of it …

— Creating the conditions of? At the coincidence of conditions happen when moving in the subtle planes, within a specific space. It arises, in fact, become a reality.

Can go another way: the goal is not to pass through the

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On Mars, found the glass dome

July 19, 2012 21:08

NASA probe photographed the mysterious object, the nature of which scientists have not yet been able to establish

This image has prompted NASA specialists consider the object more

Giant toilet?

Attention of experts who analyze the pictures sent from Mars orbit automatic station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), caught something very strange. In the picture of low resolution, the camera of CTX, was evident object is correct geometrical form. He was in the vicinity of a volcano Pavonis, located near the equator of Mars. Looked very awkward in the middle of the snowy expanses of

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Scientists were able to uncover the secret — how to walk on water

July 19, 2012 20:01

Pour enough of the cornstarch into the pool — and you can walk on the surface of water. Scientists were able to uncover the secret of the trick at a party with Youtube.

If you hit the liquid leg, starch particles are suspended in the water, coming together just as the snow plow is going around. This seal forms a heavy site, which can repel with the same falling down pressure, which is concentrated at the tip of the high stiletto heels, report scientists July 12 in the journal "Nature", informs «».

"If you try

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Siberian flying aliens!

July 16, 2012 22:47

Traces of an unknown civilization hidden in the permafrost Yakutia tundra. For many years, a hundred miles Yakuts bypass this remote area. As the transmitted word of mouth legends have played there from the land flattened arch, under which is a set of metal rooms, where even in the most extreme cold in the summer heat.

In ancient times there were local hunters brave souls that slept in the premises. But they later getting very sick, and those who spent the night a few times, generally swiftly died. Another object — smooth metal hemisphere red

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