In the village Vypova flies a UFO?

July 16, 2012 20:56

ROMAN Zhuravsky CORRESPONDENT: The village has its own Vypova anomalous zone. It starts right at the foot of the hill and continues on up the hill. According to the locals, every year they see here, unidentified flying objects. They usually appear in the fall and winter. Still figuring out the nature of this phenomenon no one could.

Alexandra Zhizhina was accustomed to visits by visitors from parallel worlds. The surprising phenomenon is observed over a decade.

ALEXANDER Zhizhina, villager Vypova (Suzdal district): This appears at 11, in the 12th floor, when the

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Coming from the underworld

October 12, 2012 18:38

In 1698, the Faculty of Law, Professor Johann Klein of the University of Rostock in eastern Germany have described the following incident.

A certain great lady Marie de Mondelon went to court to assert inheritance rights to his young son. The fact that Marie de Mondelon claimed that she had conceived the child during sleep, which came to her husband. In reality, this could not be, because her husband, a nobleman Jerome Auguste de Mondelon, spent four years in distant lands, and died shortly before had to go back home. But Madame de Mondelon insisted

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In the Chilean sky observed a strange object

July 15, 2012 12:44

Object like a meteor, seen in the Chilean sky had had called UFOs. Photo:

Tuesday, 10 July, one of the representatives of the Chilean National Emergency Mario Ernandes said that early in the morning appeared in the sky looking forward beam, who published a lot of noise during the move.

According Ernandesa, we can talk about the unusual phenomenon of nature, or meteorite. Many residents also observed this phenomenon and even managed to take a picture. Many photos can be seen in the Internet. Stranger is the fact that no air

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Scientists have confirmed the existence of the Looking-Glass

July 1, 2012 19:52

Italian physicists have analyzed experiments with neutrons Russian researcher Anatoly Serebrova and came to the conclusion that he was able to find the entrance to Wonderland.

In experiments Serebrova neutrons disappear. Italian physicists believe that they became mirror particles parallel world like the one visited by the Lewis Carroll tale heroine Alice.

However, this story began not with Carroll, and with the experience of Russian physicist. In 2007, Anatoly Serebrov conducted this experiment ultracold neutron gas (ie, consisting of neutrons with a very low energy) fell into the trap, which is a sphere with a

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Mystery of the Russian Grail: Healing cup on the aliens?

June 14, 2012 12:01

Cup of life, healing bowl, gift newcomers — also known as a vessel owned by a retired Igor Krasnodar Poduhevich.

What is this artifact? As he really extraterrestrial origin, as some scientists? And is it true that the water drunk from that cup, a cure for all diseases?

Igor Poduhevich with "healing bowl", inherited from his great-grandfather.

This no one in the world is not

Information about the wonderful bowl for several years roams from one to the other publications, multiplied on the Internet. Like, this cup has a healing power. And as powerful

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Vision at Fatima

June 14, 2012 12:08

Scientists still can not explain what really happened in Fatima in April 1915 — deception, hallucination or a UFO. However, the Russian Orthodox Church in a different opinion What is seen in the sky over Portugal — the phenomenon of the Virgin or a UFO?

The first meeting

In mid-October, Orthodox Christians celebrate the great feast of the Holy Virgin. According to legend, in 910 the day of the church in Constantinople Blachernae parishioners saw walking in the air, the Blessed Mother of God, illumined by the light of heaven, surrounded by a host of

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Russia accused of creating a UFO

June 11, 2012 10:17

Hundreds of people in the Middle East saw an unidentified flying object.

In Israel, hundreds of local residents watched the appearance in the sky of an unidentified flying object. Many even rushed to the police to report the incident. According to various reports, the strange object can be observed on the eve of Israel, June 7, from 10 to 40 seconds, at about 20:45-20:50 local time.

Witnesses said the object emitted a bright light, leaving a white trail. Radio station "Kol Yisrael" reports that the object could be seen stretching from Rosh Hanikra

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A person can compress and stretch the time

June 3, 2012 7:05

Psychological studies have shown that the best way to slow down your biological clock — is to go on a long journey.

Stop, instant!

Almost every one of us suffers from "the syndrome of constant rush" — that psychologists call the phenomenon when a person thinks that he will not have time. Do many things simultaneously and always in a hurry. But it does not leave us obsessive feeling that the time runs away and slowly steals our lives, moment by moment. However, almost everyone notices one amazing paradox: time slows down whenever

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Tyzylskoe wonderful lake

May 31, 2012 16:36

Near the campings Tyzyl that Tyzylskom gorge there is a cave, which literally shakes his magic beauty.

On a footpath — slippery clay with traces of horses' hooves filled with water — through vymahal taller than a man and a very friendly mugs burning hogweed have to climb the mountain that far from campings Tyzyl on the right side of the river.

But, after going down to the cave (it is easier to do it from the top, clinging to trees and shrubs), forget about everything, literally losing his voice. Entrance into the mountain was

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Saw the light of little-known Ukrainian ufology

May 29, 2012 8:25

Janos Motrunich (Senior Researcher, Laboratory for Space Studies Uzhgorod National University astronomer): "Fragments of UFOs we did not return, saying only that these are known to them"

In Uzhgorod (Transcarpathian region) Bozdoskom park in the mid-1980s there has been an event that proudly today could show off on the first pages of UFO books but in some circumstances, this case became publicly known only recently. UFO event by ordinary standards, not because of its visual demonstration after the UFO left a material samples: they could feel his hands …! It would seem that here

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