Resentment and forgiveness

April 30, 2012 13:29

Recently, more and more physicians are inclined to believe that the source of the most dreaded diseases, including cancer, are our grievances which we Holim and cherish for years. Some are offended by the fate-villain for what life had not, as we would like. Others — to friends, betrayed them. Third — sweet, departed to the other. Fourth — the children, were disappointing. Many people save up for years to hurt his neighbor, who declined to give money to the debt, and on boss is unfair to dismiss them from work … When a person is

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The world needs a new source of knowledge

April 28, 2012 22:25

We are in the "red zone" universal risk. Constantly intensifying confrontation and antagonism to the laws of nature has led us to a giant crisis. The laws of nature — is an existing relationship between the phenomena of nature that we do not necessarily feel, but which obey absolutely.

Let's try to substantiate this claim risk. The crisis — the result of improper functioning of modern society. It is not accidental impact of the crisis occurred precisely in the economy — because it is most important for us. The risk of bankruptcy, decay, unemployment, famine affected

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Scientists promise a quick change of the electronic quantum computers

April 27, 2012 15:04

Company Dell recently introduced three new high XPS system, including XPS 700. Not a single bad word about Dell, we have to admit that none of these models are not nearly comparable to even the weakest quantum computer.

Business Wire

Fans of technology, investors, IT manufacturers and researchers of all kinds to look forward to, when the science of quantum computing finally created most applicable technology. Physics Institute of the Max Planck Quantum Optics (MPQ) Recently published research, which, in their opinion, made this important day is much closer.

For many years, physicists have dreamed

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Studies by Russian scientists: Clairvoyance does exist!

April 19, 2012 8:43

MSU experts had sensational experiments in which people saw coming events.

The experimental results overturn the usual picture of the world. After all, it means that the phenomenal abilities of Nostradamus and Vanga is not fiction. And people can actually see into the future. Besides there is scientific proof. The fact that there is a prophetic gift, serious scientists talking back in 2010, when the prestigious "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology," after many examinations yet accepted for publication an article on … clairvoyance. It became a kind of recognition that the phenomenon should not be

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Quantum physics and Buddhism

April 17, 2012 18:30

Between the Buddhist view of reality and how it is understood by modern science, we can find a lot in common. These ideas do not belong exclusively to Buddhism can be found in the most ancient Eastern philosophies. But Buddhism is surprisingly harmonious echoes the scientific discoveries of the last century. To illustrate this idea, we first consider the three main concepts of Buddhism emptiness, interdependence and the nature of reality, and their counterparts in the modern scientific thought. We will assume that the two seemingly mutually exclusive models of perception non-materialistic and

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Notes of a psychic

April 17, 2012 8:49

Subtle World supermarket.


Above … glass sliding doors hung essence, like a jellyfish. Its tentacles writhing plaits fell down, touching the heads of people took place. Interested in an elderly man in a classic coat. Elongated tentacles, grabbed it, the subtle energy whip pierced his heart chakra, and took a bright energetic bunch — these are obviously fed.

The man staggered and grabbed his hand to his chest. I did not touch the essence and, having drawn tentacles easily passed forward.

In the hall, the ceiling, taking foreseeable space, dark heaving body

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Want to change the destiny — take a second name

April 16, 2012 12:20

It has long been observed that the name somehow influences the nature and destiny of man. Some names give their owners the energy, drive, determination. Others — meekness, gentleness, shyness. The name can bring success, health and happiness to its owner, or vice versa — an obstacle to the implementation of plans.

Famous aliases

Is it possible to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

In studying this phenomenon, the researchers highlight the different concepts of science and history to intuitively esoteric. But so far there is no consensus on the reasons a communication mechanism between

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What can tell eye color

April 12, 2012 13:13


Eyes were evaluated in human history, as something magical, because through them one can know the beauty of the world. It is because in ancient times it was believed that all of man's soul can be reflected in the eyes, but some people are able to hide it. Our ancestors also noticed that people with a certain eye color different from other behaviors, preferences and personality. In the future, depending on assumptions about the nature of the bill and eye color science confirmed physiognomy. It explains the origin of these differences of

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Gravity — volatile time

April 11, 2012 9:24

Found by experience that the clocks are near a massive body, slower than the same hours that are far away from it, ie the clock depends on the local gravitational potential. The relative magnitude of this effect is gravitational potential difference divided by the square of the speed of light. In the framework of the general theory of relativity, the effect is the result of "time dilation near massive bodies."

However, the orthodox theory does not say that the clock is sensitive not only to the local gravitational potential, but also to its local gradient. Consistent

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About Monster returned evil and phantom

April 8, 2012 22:46

People live by the laws of the real world, but there are times when being otherworldly dictates brutal rule.

Face to face with the monster

Here's an example of what werewolves — not fiction, but a real fact, in July 1999 24-year-old waitress "McDonalds" of the city of Austin (Texas) met with a werewolf and ran with him for about 25 minutes. This material has bypassed many newspapers around the world. Psychologists and researchers of anomalous phenomena are united in their opinion: the woman is healthy, the fact that the meeting could well be the

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